Impact Taping Results – Oct. 15, 2018 – Queens, NY – Night 1 (Spoilers)

Report via Mike Johnson of

Queens, NY – Melrose Ballroom

This taping was likely for the next two episodes on October 18 and 25.

Xplosion: Ace Austin defeated Shawn Donovan via Alabama Jam

Brian Cage defeated Rich Swann via Drill Claw. Swann went back for a twisting 450 splash but missed. Cage scooped him and nailed a powerbomb, then another in the corner, then drilled Swann into the mat for the pin.

In-Ring: Brian Cage, Sami Callihan – After the above match, Sami Callihan entered the ring and faced off with Brian Cage. He pointed to the video screen, which showed the finish of the BFG six man tag where Sami pinned Cage. He told Cage that was what was coming for him and kicked him. He grabbed the X-Divison title belt and was going to nail Cage but was hit with a clothesline. Cage went for a powerbomb but the Crists ran in. He dropped Sami and fought them off and they pulled Sami to the back.

In-Ring: Johnny Impact, Rey Fenix – New Impact Wrestling Champion Johnny Impact came to the ring. He said this is a crazy business and if you watched BFG, you know what he was talking about. He said that the craziness and unpredictability was what attracted him to pro wrestling when he was a kid. He used to beg his dad to take him to shows where the fans are sitting now. He used to go to the Great Western Forum in LA. He was into Parkour and break-dancing when he was a kid and he was the type of person who if he wanted to get something, go out and do it. Some people told him it was stupid to finance his own movie but now Boone the Bounty Hunter is streaming on Netflix. Even when he sees it in the dollar bin, he is proud of it. He wanted to be on Survivor and did it. He always wanted to be the World Champion. He used to hear he had the looks, but…. he had so much potential, but…tonight isn’t your night. He heard it so much, he almost believed it. Now he has the title and all the training and fighting culminated with this, the title. He believes the business is what “we make it.” Impact said he’s now the man here. He’s not going to be the guy who passively-aggressively Tweets and hides behind his goons. If there’s someone he feels deserves a shot at the title, he’s going to give them a shot at the title. Rey Fenix made his way to the ring. They faced off. Fenix took the mic and congratulated Impact on the title win and told him that he deserves it. Fenix said he’s won titles all over the world but never in Impact Wrestling. He said he feels fighting for the title is an incredible opportunity. He asked for a chance to fight for the title next week. Impact said it’s not like he’s going to say no after everything he just said. He said that he and Fenix are friends but next week, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to want to beat the crap out of each other for the title. Impact said if it happens to be Fenix’s night, he will shake his hand and raise it, because unlike the guy who held the title last, they are professionals. He said he’s not going to run home and throw a tantrum. Impact promised they were going to tear the place down, because that’s what they do. They shook hands.

Killer Kross defeated Tommy Dreamer via referee stoppage. Kross went for a move but Dreamer escaped and went for the Spicoli Driver. Kross escaped and nailed a back suplex on Dreamer. He nailed a backdrop driver and dropped Dreamer on his head. The referee stepped in and stopped the match, ruling Dreamer couldn’t continue. Moose and Kross worked over Dreamer in the ring and left him laying.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Katarina via Impact Buster. They fought back and forth. Taya caught her with several kicks to the mid-section. Taya nailed a double knee strike. Katarina fought back but was nailed with the Impact Buster for the pin. McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Taya about her loss and how the referee was out of position to fix the apron Tessa pulled into the ring at Bound for Glory. She said that she really respected Tessa Blanchard but after the tactics she used to beat her at BFG, she no longer does.

Ethan Page defeated Trevor Lee via modified chokeslam.

Allie defeated Alisha Edwards – Allie began losing it towards the end and began slapping herself before attacking Alisha and beating her down in the corner. Allie’s entire mannerisms changed, so here’s the demonic side coming out of her after her visit to the netherworld. Allie drilled Alisha into her knees and pinned her. Allie kept beating on Edwards. Hogan entered the ring to stop her and question what she was doing. Allie came “out of her trance” and acted like she didn’t know what had happened. She went to check on Edwards, who left the ring wary of her.

Pentagon Jr defeated Homicide – They began chopping each other in the center of the ring, then followed up with kicks. Homicide went for the Gringo Killer, but Pentagon rolled through and covered him for a three count. The OGz immediately attacked him but Fenix hit the ring for the save. They were then overwhelmed with the assistance of King and were beaten down by the OGz.

LAX defeated The Heavenly Bodies – These are the local talents from WrestlePro in New Jersey. They had a good showing against LAX. Ortiz hit a powerbomb off the ropes on one and then a double-team powerbomb on the other for the pin.

Gama Singh defeated Rohit Raju – Gama Singh came out and ran down the accomplishments of this great wrestler he was about to bring out. He went on and on about how this wrestler beat Bret Hart, The British Bulldogs, Abdullah the Butcher and more, really ramping it up, then said it was him. He then introduced his opponent Rohit Raju. Singh slapped him several times and finally Raju grabbed his arm to stop him and was about to beat him when Gursinder Singh attacked him and beat him down. Gama then covered him for the pin.

Su Yung defeated Keira Hogan via sitdown powerbomb. Yung began setting up for the Mandible Claw, but Allie got on the ramp to the ring and challenged her…only to find out Yung could control her like voodoo. She made Allie’s arms move against their will and then made her clutch at her chest. Hogan tried to attack but Yung nailed a sitdown powerbomb for the pin.

Moose & Killer Kross defeated Fallah Bahh & KM – Moose and Bahh fired back and forth with punches with fans doing the yelling back and forth. Bahh nailed a big belly to belly suplex. He finally was about to make the hot tag to KM but Kross knocked KM off the apron. Kross worked over Bahh. Bahh nailed him and Kross went to tag out but Eddie Edwards attacked Moose in the corner and used the Singapore Cane to choke him out. KM got the tag and worked over Kross but was caught in the choke in the center of the ring and finally tapped out.

Impact World Championship: Johnny Impact (c) defeated Rey Fenix via Starship Pain. The crowd was really into both men and gave them nice ovations. Impact went to the top but a twisting move, but Fenix rolled out of the way. Impact landed on his feet but Fenix nailed him. Impact came back with a kick to the head for another two count. Fenix hit a springboard headbutt. He nailed a big leaping forearm in the corner. Impact fired back with a kick and nailed a tornado DDT but Fenix rolled through and landed on his feet. He charged with a leaping spinning kick off the ropes but was caught with a big DDR. Impact nailed Starship Pain and scored the pin. After the match, the OGz attacked Fenix. Pentagon hit the ring for the save with a chair, warding them off.