David Arquette Gets Cut Badly in Insane, Violent “Death Match” (Videos)

David Arquette was dangerously cut open on his neck and began bleeding heavily in a “death match” against Nick Gage at tonight’s Joey Janela’s LA Confidential show.

During the match, Gage brutally ground the broken end of a light tube into Arquette’s head, then accidentally cut his neck, causing Arquette to bleed from both his neck and head. Arquette grabbed at his neck, sensing that something was obviously wrong, then went to walk backstage, seemingly wanting to call off the match.

However, Arquette returned to the ring and went down to the mat for Gage to pin him, but instead Gage hit him with another light tube, which legitimately angered Arquette, who picked up a chair and threw it at Gage, hard. They then started to grapple, but Gage threw Arquette down with a judo toss and finally pinned him. Arquette got up without selling and walked to the back, with his hand clutching his bleeding neck the entire time.

After the match, Gage got on the mic and said, “If you don’t wanna take shit, don’t come to my fucking world. Because death match wrestlers bleed every fucking day and we fucking love it.” Arquette then appeared to yell something at Gage, saying “I don’t need your respect,” then something else that was unintelligible.

Some people were angry backstage at how everything went down, according to PWInsider. They added that Arquette went to the hospital to get the deep cut on his neck checked out, and ended up needing several stitches.

Here are some other GIFs and videos… Gage worked extremely stiff for the entire match and there were several light tube spots and a spot where Gage went at Arquette’s head with a pizza cutter.

Arquette commented on Twitter: