Impact Taping Results – Nov. 11-13, 2018 – Las Vegas, NV (Three Nights)

November 11-13
Las Vegas, NV – Sam’s Town

Report via (Adam Rivera, Kris)

Night 1 – November 11

Xplosion: Pillars of Destiny defeated The 1%

Tessa Blanchard defeated Rayanne Lynne – Afterwards, Taya Valkyrie comes out and says she spoke to Impact management and will face Tessa on January 6 for The Knockouts Championship at Homecoming in Nashville.

Johnny Impact defeated Matt Sydal w/ Ethan Page. Killer Kross came out after the match and offered his assistance to Impact. Impact told him he didn’t trust him and left him in the ring.

In-Ring: Eli Drake, Tommy Dreamer – Eli Drake came to the ring to insult hardcore wrestling which brought Tommy Dreamer out to defend those wrestlers and fans. Going to fight until Drake left the ring.

Su Yung defeated Heather Monroe – Yung would release the submission hold until Kiera Hogan made the save. This brought out Allie and her and Yung laid out Hogan.

Lucha Bros. defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack in the match of the night. LAX came out to congratulate the Lucha Bros. and that they want them to challenge at Homecoming.

Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina

The Rascalz defeated Chris Bey & Mike Sydal

Desi Hit Squad defeated Damian Drake & Manny Lemons

X-Division Championship: Brian Cage (c) defeated Sami Callihan

Night 2 – November 12

Xplosion: Hammerstone defeated Nick Brubaker

Segment: Scarlett Bordeaux – Scarlett Bordeaux came out on stage and danced seductively with Vegas dancers.

Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Impact defeated Tessa Blanchard & Moose in a mixed tag match. After the match Moose speared Impact and Tessa was going to hit Taya with a chair but Killer Kross stopped her. Brian Cage ran to the ring and gave Kross a German suplex. Impact and Cage had a stare down in the ring.

Jake Crist defeated Willie Mack in an Ultimate X qualifying match with help from OVE.

Allie defeated Heather Monroe – Allie was accompanied by Su Yung. After the match Allie put the mandible claw on Monroe until Keira Hogan made the save. Su Yung attacked Hogan and Allie put the claw on Hogan.

Ethan Page defeated Matt Sydal in an Ultimate X qualifying match.

Jordynne Grace defeated Ruby Raze with Katarina.

Rich Swann defeated Dave Crist in an Ultimate X qualifying match. Swann was attacked by OVE after the match. Mack ran down for the save and he and Callihan started fighting.

Trey Miguel defeated Trevor Lee in an Ultimate X qualifying match.

Fenix defeated Santana – Match of the night.

Moose defeated Brian Cage by DQ when Eddie Edwards attacked Moose.

Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot: Kikutaro & Xavier & Alisha & Fallah Bahh & KM defeated Disco Inferno & Eli Drake & Raju & Katarina & Jake Crist – 10 person tag match. Loser vows to wear silly turkey suit. Scarlett comes out mid match. Everyone just stops to look at her, and they bring her a chair to sit on on top of ramp. Fallah Ballah pins Disco Inferno. Disco refuses to wear it but Scarlett convinces him to wear it. Scarlett says he looks like an idiot and leaves. Crowd chants gobble gobble. Disco says she’s just playing hard to get. Taping over. They call Disco Inferno back to the ring… it’s his birthday. Crowd chants then sings happy birthday.

Night 3 – November 13

Xplosion: Su Yung defeated Alisha Edwards

Eli Drake defeated Tommy Dreamer – Dreamer first wins by count out, but match is restarted as no disqualification. Dreamer goes to the back and grabs a garbage can full of weapons. Drake wins after hitting him with a paddle.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Ray Cray by submission. Tessa Blanchard attacks Valkyrie after and also knocks out the referee and chokes him. Officials came out to stop Tessa including Gail Kim who tosses Tessa across the ring.

The Rascals, Willie Mack, Rich Swann defeated OVE, Matt Sydal, Ethan Page in a 10 man tag match. Willie Mack pinned Dave Crist. Sami attacked Willie after. Mack got put through a table.

In-Ring: Eli Drake, Tommy Dreamer, Raven – Eli Drake comes out with paddle he beat Tommy Dreamer with. He says he has taken out legends the past few weeks. Says he was told he is in a Monster’s Ball match at Homecoming. Tommy Dreamer comes out with a chair and they brawl. Dreamer DDTs Drake. Lights turn off and Raven is in the ring. ECW chant. Raven and Dreamer stare each other down but both attack Drake.

Allie defeated Kiera Hogan – Allie and Su Yung attack Hogan after, and Jordynne Grace makes the save.

Killer Kross defeated Trevor Lee by submission. Kross takes the mic and wishes Johnny Impact well on his match against Brian Cage at Homecoming. Kross attacks a worker and makes the worker hit Trevor Lee with a block.

In-Ring: Tessa Blanchard, Taya Valkyrie – Josh Matthews interviews Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard about their Homecoming match in January. They try to do a Ronda/Bella promo but not as good. Their Homecoming match will have a special referee, Gail Kim.

KM and Fallah Bahh defeated Desi Hit Squad – Fallah pins one of the Desi squad with a bonsai drop.

Katarina defeated Lisa Lacey

Lucha Bros defeated Brian Cage and Johnny Impact after Cage hit Impact by accident. They argue after and brawl. Refs separate them. Taping over.