Vince McMahon Reportedly Rewrote Raw to Add More “Happiness”

Vince McMahon made major last minute changes to Monday’s Raw script to make the show more “happy,” according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Vince reportedly felt that with the death of George H.W. Bush, people would be in a somber mood and WWE would have to make them happy. So he apparently showed up just three and a half hours before the show went on the air and did a major re-write.

According to Meltzer:

Like last week, this week’s Raw was completely rewritten by Vince at the last minute. He didn’t even show up until 3:30 because he was visiting with his mom. So he got there at 3:30 central time and the show started at 7 central time, so three and a half hours before the show, he shows up and the basic gist of everything is that… His feeling was that we’re in Houston, Texas, president Bush just died, and people are going to be in a somber mood so we’re going to have to make them happy.

So that’s why Finn Balor did what he did. He got to win his match. Ronda Rousey stood tall at the end of the show. There was a lot of… He made wholescale changes to what the original script was for more happiness. I was told that babyfaces did much better because Vince felt that they had to do it that night.

Last week’s Raw, which was widely considered to be one of the worst Raws in recent memory, was also written by Vince.