How Long Is Chris Jericho’s AEW Contract? + Jericho on AEW TV Deal

Chris Jericho’s contract with All Elite Wrestling is for three years, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Jericho said that it was the best deal of his career.

He was negotiating with WWE “until the last minute,” Meltzer says, but ultimately decided to go with AEW.

As part of his contract, Jericho will be able to work in NJPW and he will be able to do his Jericho cruise.

Jericho on Potential AEW TV Deal

Chris Jericho was interviewed by Busted Open Radio today and had this to say about a potential TV deal for AEW and the possibility of WWE wrestlers coming to AEW.

Obviously starting a wrestling company isn’t the easiest thing to do, so there’s a lot of work to be done, a lot of things that have to happen.

I do know this… It’s not just the people that you saw on screen on Tuesday at the rally that are being signed. There’s a whole backstage element that’s being signed. All the things you see at WWE are being signed at AEW, from talent relations to booking agents to director of the show and cameramen and all that sort of thing.

As far as TV goes, that’s one of the things that – I wouldn’t have gone to All Elite if there wasn’t a strong TV deal on the table being worked on, and there’s a couple that I know of that are on the table and both of them are like, ‘wow.’ When it’s announced, if it’s one of those two, you’ll go, well, that’s what they need.

By me joining the company, I think fans and wrestlers, most importantly, will go holy shit, this is the real deal. Jericho went there, this is real. Because a lot of people don’t know Kenny or Cody or the Bucks. We know them but your average fan doesn’t and your guy that’s in WWE making a decent living that thinks they can do better, now knows that wow, Jericho can go there, I can go there too.

And yes, the television deals that are being talked about – once again, nothing is set in stone – but the three that I know of are all ones that people will go, OK, this is the real deal.