Lots of AEW News: TV Deal, Head of Creative, Contracts, All In Anniversary Show, Ibushi, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TV Deal

There are “very serious negotiations” with at least two major cable TV networks for a weekly two hour live prime time show.

No deal has been finalized yet but those two have reached the point where money proposals have been made to AEW.

AEW trademarked “Tuesday Night Dynamite,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the show will air on Tuesdays. It will depend on the network that they sign with. Dave Meltzer said that Tuesday actually “looks highly unlikely” right now. It will be a week night and will be two hours in prime time, though, with both potential deals.

Head of Creative

Tony Khan, who is the owner and president of the company, will also be “head of creative,” which is basically the Vince McMahon role of the company.

Khan is a lifelong wrestling fan who is said to have a lot of knowledge of the wrestling business.

Cody & The Young Bucks’ Responsibilities

As executive vice presidents, Cody will be focused on singles wrestling, while the Young Bucks will be focused on tag team wrestling, though their responsibilities and decisions will also be shared.

The tag team division will be given a much higher priority than it’s given in WWE.

Cody & The Young Bucks’ Contracts

Though it was previously reported that they signed five year deals, Cody and the Young Bucks actually signed three year deals with AEW, with options for years four and five.

The contracts make them AEW exclusive worldwide, but if AEW makes a deal with NJPW, Rev Pro, or other companies, they would be able to work there.

Non-Exclusive Contracts

Joey Janela, Penelope Ford and MJF signed non-exclusive deals.

Janela and Ford will be able to work certain indie shows.

MJF has a two year deal with Major League Wrestling and he will continue to work there at the same time.

MLW head Court Bauer said that he has been in contact with AEW and he doesn’t expect there to be any problems.

All In Anniversary Show?

There is talk of another show in Chicago at the Sears Centre on the one year anniversary of All In on September 1.

Women Wrestlers

Women wrestlers are being heavily scouted and sought after, primarily from Japan / Stardom.

Jim Ross

Jim Ross’s WWE contract expires at the end of March. He was rumored to be involved with AEW early on, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Alex Marvez, who was one of the hosts of the Double or Nothing rally on Tuesday, is rumored to be part of the TV broadcast team, possibly as a commentator.

Kota Ibushi

If Kenny Omega signs with AEW as expected, it’s believed that Kota Ibushi, who is close with Omega, will at least work major shows for AEW, though he is also expected to continue working for NJPW.