More Details on WWE’s Offers to Young Bucks & Hangman + Kenny Omega Turns Down WWE?

WWE made big offers to all of the major members of “The Elite,” including Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. WWE felt that the Khans would not be able to start a rival promotion without them, so they obviously made huge pushes to get them.

The Young Bucks

WWE offered the Young Bucks money that was about the same as AJ Styles is making, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Styles is reportedly in the “top 1%” highest paid wrestlers in WWE.

Interestingly, WWE offered them a three year deal, with an option to leave within the first six months if they weren’t happy with their push.

They also would have made Being the Elite a weekly show on WWE Network.

Some who worked in WWE who had knowledge of the deal were “certain” that they wouldn’t turn it down and were so sure that they even told Dave Meltzer of the Observer that they would be debuting at the Royal Rumble. When they did end up turning it down, those people felt that it was “mind-boggling.”

The Bucks had 12 hours of talks with Triple H and they reportedly heavily praised how he handled everything.

Kenny Omega Turns Down WWE Offer?

“The word” is that Kenny Omega has already turned down WWE’s offer, according to the Observer.

It was reported recently that WWE made him a huge offer, but the feeling within WWE was that “it’s not gonna happen.”

Omega’s NJPW contract expires after January 31, so he can’t officially sign with AEW until then.

Hangman Page

Hangman Page was reportedly offered “main roster money” to work in NXT, where he would have been one of the top stars on the brand. NXT wrestlers are mostly paid a lot less than wrestlers on the main roster.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter