Several AEW Trademarks Recently Denied by USPTO

Several trademarks filed by All Elite Wrestling reportedly have been recently denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, according to PWInsider.

It was reported that AEW’s trademark for “All Elite Wrestling” was recently given an initial refusal due to unpaid fees and the USPTO requesting changes to be made to some of the wording in the trademark’s application to remove ambiguity issues.

It was also reported that AEW’s trademarks for “AEW”, “Change the Universe” and the company’s logo were also recently given initial refusals due to similar issues raised by the USPTO.

Another trademark for “AEW All Out” was also recently given an initial refusal due to the term “All Out” being on legal hold until an official decision is made regarding two pending non-AEW trademarks, which currently own first priority status.