The First Week of Impact on Pursuit Reportedly Drew Only 12,250 Viewers

The first week of Impact Wrestling on the Pursuit channel on January 11 drew only 12,250 viewers, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The show was also simulcast on Twitch, but that only had an average of about 10,000 concurrent viewers throughout the night. That’s the average number of viewers that were watching all at once, so the total amount of people who watched would have been higher, though not by a much higher amount.

Impact’s viewer numbers on Pursuit are usually not publicly available since the show doesn’t break the top 150 cable shows for the day, so it isn’t listed in the rankings. But week 1’s numbers apparently leaked to Meltzer.

Here’s what Meltzer said: “The first week of Impact on Pursuit did 12,250 viewers. That shocks me. Even though it’s a channel that nobody gets, you would think that they have at least like, 50,000 fans who are going to follow them, right? You know, hardcore, hardcore, right? No…”

Impact has been putting on good shows, so it’s a really unfortunate and scary number. Their parent company, Anthem also partly owns the Pursuit channel, so they probably aren’t in danger of being canceled for now. They also said previously that Pursuit is hopefully just a temporary stop to give them some more time while they pursue a better TV deal.