WWE Writer Fired for Writing Vince McMahon’s Name Into Hall of Fame Speech

WWE writer R.D. Evans was reportedly fired and/or quit WWE at the Hall of Fame Ceremony this weekend in Brooklyn.

According to PWInsider, Evans sensed that he was about to be fired, so he quit in a “you can’t fire me, I quit” situation. On Twitter today, he posted, “I quit WWE.”

Evans was in “hot water” with Vince McMahon because Bret Hart’s Hall of Fame speech, which Evans worked on, mentioned Vince McMahon by name, and there has been a ban on that for years. Vince McMahon has strongly stressed that he doesn’t want his name mentioned or praised during Hall of Fame speeches. When Bret mentioned Vince’s name, Vince McMahon was reportedly furious and Evans took blame as the writer and producer of the segment.

Later in the night, DX joked about the situation, repeatedly mentioning Vince McMahon’s name in their Hall of Fame segment, with Billy Gunn, who works for AEW, joking that Vince can’t fire him.

X-Pac talked about the situation on his podcast, saying, “I think Bret mentioned Vince a bunch of times and Vince got really hot and I think someone might have gotten fired. And then we said it like a million times and no one got fired. […] I’m not kidding. Vince was pissed. And I get it, that’s a thing for him.”

Evans joined the WWE writing team in 2016.