WWE Reportedly Added the 24/7 Title Because of Pressure From USA Network

The addition of the 24/7 Championship on Monday was apparently not WWE’s idea, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Observer says that USA Network has been complaining about Raw’s declining ratings for a while and have continuously pushed Vince McMahon to specifically try to fix the show’s final hour, which had historically been the highest rated hour and is now almost always easily the lowest rated.

Recently, USA Network has been sending “all kinds of ideas” to WWE to try to improve ratings. According to the Observer, one source with knowledge of the ideas said that they were all “terrible,” but the 24/7 Championship was the best of the bunch and Vince McMahon felt that he had to take one of them to appease the network. This somewhat contradicts a previous report by the Observer that said that Vince McMahon loved the idea of the title when it was pitched to him.