Interview: Jon Moxley on His Infamous Steve Austin Podcast Appearance in 2016

PWTorch held a recent interview with Jon Moxley and one of the topics discussed included the reasons behind his infamous appearance during a 2016 live episode of The Steve Austin Show on the WWE Network.

“I don’t remember it being very good. I was looking forward to it. I went there on my day off and I was like, ‘Cool, we’re going to talk wrestling.’ A producer called me a week before to prep and was trying to ask super personal deep questions about my childhood. And I was like, ‘it’s kinda none of your business.’ I didn’t want to drag up my shit on national television. Within five seconds [of the interview], I’m getting these questions. [Austin] said something that pissed me off and I mentally shut down. I love Steve and had that been a regular interview, I would have hung up on him. I think he wanted me to bury the shit out of everything. But I’m WWE Champion at the time and doing double shots. I’m beat to shit and working my ass off. And guys like Steve will be, ‘Why don’t you just go off-script?’ The whole situation is different than when he was there. He could say ‘Austin 3:16,’ I get a dumb script. I can’t go into all this on this podcast because I’m trying to stand up for my generation and the boys. I just wanted to talk about wrestling.

All these Attitude Era guys are calling our generation ‘lazy and scared for our jobs.’ They don’t understand the shit we’re dealing with. It’s not 1998. I didn’t know how to get into that in that setting. I just went to autopilot. I knew what he wanted but I didn’t know how to give it to him. We didn’t have enough time to get into it all. And I was pissed off because I felt bamboozled by that producer that I told that I was interested in talking about my family.”

In another interview held during a recent episode of the Flip The Strip show on Las Vegas radio station KXNT, Moxley stated he recently had a lengthy conversation with Steve Austin discussing a variety of stuff including his podcast show.

“This is a really good day. I had a good workout this morning, went and trained, got back, [I’m] sitting outside, guess who I get a call from this afternoon? Stone Cold Steve Austin. We shot the stuff for thirty minutes, had a great conversation and just any day — I grew up as a 90s wrestling fan, obviously, so any day you get a call from Stone Cold Steve Austin, that’s a really good day. That’s like a sign that today is gonna really be a really good day. We shot the bull crap for a little while. He’s gonna start doing his podcast again in June so maybe by the end of the year I’ll head in the truck, head down to Marina del Rey, we’ll have some Steveweisers, we’ll shoot the bull crap again [and] do the podcast. Oh, just good brothers talking about good brother stuff.”