Tony Khan Says There Will Be a Tag Team Tournament on AEW TV & Women’s Tag Team Titles

AEW president Tony Khan was interviewed on the Steve Austin Show podcast and talked, among other things, about AEW’s tag team division.

He said that when the TV show launches this fall, there will be a tag team tournament to determine the first AEW Tag Team Champions.

We’re gonna establish a great tag team division. When we launch our weekly television show in the fall, we’re gonna be doing a tag team tournament that’s gonna have some of the greatest tag team matches ever on TV. It’s gonna be one of the main focuses of our TV. There’s gonna be teams competing to get a first round bye in that tournament, which is a big deal. And we’ve got the best tag teams in all of wrestling competing for our tag team championship coming in the fall.

Khan also said that there will eventually also be a Women’s Tag Team Championship.

When we establish the women’s singles [title], this may be the first time this gets announced, but just so you know, eventually we will establish a women’s tag team title.