WWE: Time Off for Rusev, Dan Matha Gets a Name Change


Rusev hasn’t been around much recently because he asked for time off, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He’s expected back soon.

He last wrestled in the battle royal in Saudi Arabia on June 7. Before that, his last TV match was the April 16 SmackDown. His last house show match was May 17.

Shinsuke Nakamura, meanwhile, has also barely been on TV, also wrestling in the Saudi battle royal and before that, on the April 23 SmackDown. He has been wrestling at house shows, though, mostly losing to Finn Balor in Intercontinental title matches.

Dan Matha

Add Dan Matha to the list of NXT wrestlers who have received name changes recently.

He’s now going by the name Dorian Mak.

Matha has been signed with WWE since 2015.

Since last month, he’s been in a tag team with Riddick Moss called “The Outliers.” They’re being managed by Robert Strauss, the former Robbie E in TNA.