Rhyno Apparently Showed Up at Impact Slammiversary Tonight

A masked man who’s very likely Rhyno showed up at tonight’s Impact Slammiversary PPV and got involved in the aftermath of the World Title match.

World Champion Brian Cage defeated Michael Elgin to retain his title, but a bitter Elgin attacked Cage after the match, nailing him with the title belt. Announcer Don Callis tried to talk to Elgin to calm him down, but Elgin grabbed Callis, threw him into the ring and was about to hit him with an Elgin Bomb when a masked man ran in and hit Elgin with a spear / gore. The masked man, who had the same build and mannerisms as Rhyno, then ran back into the crowd without unmasking himself.

According to PWInsider, Rhyno was backstage at Slammiversary tonight and was scheduled to appear on the show, so the masked man was almost certainly him.

In an interview in May, Rhyno said that he planned on leaving WWE when his contract expires on July 17 and that he had no 90-day non-compete clause. It’s not July 17 yet, so WWE either let him out of the contract early or there’s some other explanation.