AAA Reportedly Dealing with Serious Visa Issues for Their U.S. Events

As noted before, Lucha Libre AAA announced that their Invading NY event on September 15th has been moved from Madison Square Garden to the Hulu Theater, which is a smaller venue within the building. Prior to today’s announcement, the company had been rumored to be possibly considering cancelling both of their planned United States events (another planned in Los Angeles) due to poor ticket sales.

Lucha Libre AAA reportedly has been dealing with serious visa issues for months for both of their United States events this year, Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This was one of the primary reasons for the lack of announcements for matches on the shows. Along with wrestlers, a considerable portion of AAA’s production crew still have yet to receive their visas for these U.S. shows.

Due to the changes made for the visa process under Donald Trump’s presidency, visa applications that normally would take around a month to be processed are now taking several months, and even worse for applications from Mexico. It was reported that AAA still has some visa applications that were filed eight months ago that have yet to be processed or approved.