AEW All Out Results – Aug. 31, 2019 – Jericho vs. Page

August 31, 2019
Hoffman Estates, IL – Sears Centre Arena
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez

Quick Match Results

  1. The Buy In: 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale: Nyla Rose won, last eliminating Britt Baker
  2. The Buy In: Private Party defeated Angelico & Jack Evans via Gin & Juice on Evans (11:35)
  3. SoCal Uncensored defeated Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt via Best Meltzer Ever on Jungle Boy and Marko (11:45)
  4. PAC defeated Kenny Omega via Brutalizer submission (23:20)
  5. Cracker Barrel Clash Triple Threat: Jimmy Havoc defeated Darby Allin and Joey Janela via Acid Rainmaker on Janela through a barrel (15:00)
  6. The Dark Order defeated Best Friends via The Fatality on Trent (13:40)
  7. Riho defeated Hikaru Shida via roll up (13:35)
  8. Cody defeated Shawn Spears via Cross Rhodes (16:20)
  9. AAA World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The Lucha Bros (c) defeated The Young Bucks (24:10)
  10. AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho defeated Hangman Adam Page via Judas Effect to become the first ever AEW World Champion (26:17)

The Buy In
21-Woman Casino Battle Royale

The winner of this match will get a shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Goldenboy and Excalibur were on commentary for the pre-show.

First five: Solandra Royale (sp?), Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Nyla Rose.

Everyone started attacking Nyla Rose to start the match. Nyla tossed Leva over the top, but she held on. Peter Avalon put down some books on the floor and Leva walked across them, technically not touching the floor. Royale was tossed over the top by Nyla Rose. Royale was eliminated. Faby Apache was eliminated by Nyla Rose.

Rose then picked up Priscilla Kelly and tossed her right on the floor. Priscilla Kelly was eliminated by Nyla Rose. Leva Bates came back into the ring but was tossed out quickly by Rose. Peter Avalon ran in and went after Nyla but she tossed him out also. Leva Bates was eliminated by Nyla Rose.

Next five: Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole, Britt Baker.

Shazza McKenzie was eliminated by Britt Baker. Big Swole hit some offense on Nyla Rose but Nyla dropped her with an uranage on the apron and she was out. Big Swole was eliminated by Nyla Rose. Penelope Ford was eliminated by Nyla Rose.

Next five: Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong.

Baker immediately attacked Priestley on the apron. Tenille Dashwood was eliminated by Awesome Kong. Ivelisse was eliminated by Awesome Kong.

Next five: Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB, Jazz

ODB pulled out a flask, but Teal Piper poked her in the eyes and locked on a sleeper hold. Nicole Savoy was eliminated by Nyla Rose. Teal Piper was eliminated by Awesome Kong. Commentary said that Teal was thrown through the middle ropes, but it looks like she’s actually eliminated. Awesome Kong was eliminated by multiple women. Jazz was eliminated by ODB

Final entrant: Mercedes Martinez

Brandi Rhodes was eliminated off camera by someone. This match is a mess… Hard to keep track of what’s happening. Allie was eliminated by Nyla Rose. Sadie Gibbs was eliminated by Bea Priestley. Superkick by Baker on Martinez on the apron. Mercedes Martinez was eliminated by Britt Baker.

Final three left in the ring: Britt Baker, Bea Priestley, Mercedes Martinez, Nyla Rose.

Baker and Priestley teamed up to attack Nyla. Middle rope suplex by Baker on Nyla. Britt nailed Bea with a forearm and knocked her out. Bea Priestley was eliminated by Britt Baker. Bea grabbed Britt’s arm from the outside and Nyla Rose knocked Baker out. Britt Baker was eliminated by Nyla Rose.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Rose will face the winner of the Riho vs. Hikaru Shida match for a chance at the AEW Women’s World Championship. The title was shown in a clear box at the entrance ramp.

The Buy In
Private Party vs. Angelico & Jack Evans

This match had a lot of high spots and pretty much nonstop action. Private Party looked really impressive.

In the end, Angelico and Evans went to the top rope on opposite corners, but Private Party hit Angelico with two poisonranas, then hit “Gin and Juice” on Evans (hurricanrana off the top by Quen into a cutter by Kassidy).

Winners: Private Party (11:35)

After the match, Private Party embraced Angelico and Evans and they raised each other’s arms, but Angelico and Evans then attacked Private Party from behind. The crowd chanted “party poopers.”

Video: Wardlow

A promo video was shown for “Wardlow.”

Backstage: MJF

Backstage, MJF was asked why he doesn’t have a match tonight. He said that he doesn’t want a match. He wants to help his best friend, Cody Rhodes secure a victory against Shawn Spears.

The interviewer asked what if Cody doesn’t choose MJF to accompany him at ringside. MJF said that she’s funny and she has his number and to give him a call.

Jim Ross joined the commentary team for the main PPV card along with Excalibur and Goldenboy.

They had a group of people sing the US national anthem and there was a good amount of pyro. The crowd chanted “USA.”

Cold Open Video

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt were called “Jurassic Express.”

Early in the match, Stunt hit a dive to the outside onto SCU, then Jungle Boy hit a dive, then Luchasaurus springboarded off the middle rope to the outside also.

Later, Luchasaurus came in as the hot man and single-handedly destroyed all three members of SCU with a big flurry of offense, getting a big pop and “Luchasaurus” chant.

On the outside, Kazarian hit a hurricanrana onto Luchasaurus, flinging him into both Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. Scorpio Sky then hit a top rope dive onto Luchasaurus.

In the ring, Kazarian picked up both Jungle Boy and Marko up at the same time and SCU hit the Best Meltzer Ever on them both for the win.

Winners: SCU (11:45)

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

Interesting match order…

After a few minutes of back and forth action, Pac hit a crazy top rope moonsault onto the outside on Omega, but his shins smashed into the guard rail. Pac looked to be selling his legs being hurt, but he continued the match, went to the top and hit a 450 splash on Omega in the ring for a near fall.

Later, Omega hit a flurry of offense then signaled the end for Pac, but Pac grabbed the ref and tossed him into Omega. Pac springboarded off the top but Omega hit him with a kick, then a V-Trigger, then a great bridging German suplex, but only got a two count. So good…

Later, Omega hit a snap dragon suplex and another V-Trigger for a near fall. Another V-Trigger attempt, but Pac blocked it and hit Omega with a few kicks. But Omega caught him with a V-Trigger out of nowhere and another. Pac tried a poisonrana but didn’t get all of it and the spot was blown.

Omega went for a One Winged Angel, but Pac countered into a Brutalizer submission… and Omega was out! The ref called for the bell as the crowd looked shocked.

Winner by submission: Pac (23:20)

Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc

This match was called the “Cracker Barrel Clash,” basically just meaning that it’s sponsored by Cracker Barrel. There were barrels at ringside. The rules are “anything goes.”

Jimmy Havoc immediately pulled out a staple gun from under the ring and started stapling himself in the chest.

Allin and Janela attacked Havoc, they sat him in a chair and Darby taped him to the chair with gaffer’s tape. Darby put thumb tacks inside Havoc’s mouth and Janela taped his mouth shut… Damn… Janela and Allin’s short alliance was then ended as they started to attack each other.

Darby went to the top rope, gave the finder to Havoc then did a flip dive onto Havoc, who was sat in a chair at ringside. Janela then picked up Allin and dropped him hard on the apron.

Janela pulled out a tennis racket from under the ring, looked at it and tossed it away, taking a shot at Jim Cornette. Janela then pulled out a table and set it up at ringside.

Havoc spat out the thumb tacks and tossed them into Janela’s face. Havoc picked up a piece of paper and gave a paper cut to Joey Janela’s fingers, then another! Crowd chanted “you sick fuck.” Staple gun to Janela’s forehead, then a monkey flip but Janela landed right on a steel chair in the ring. Brainbuster by Janela onto Havoc onto a steel chair!

Janela then ran at Darby Allin, who was standing on the apron, jumped over the top and hit a flipping powerbomb through a table to the floor! Holy shit.

Janela went to the top and tried a moonsault but Jimmy Havoc moved and Janela landed insanely hard on the floor, with his legs thudding hard on the entrance ramp. Jesus Christ… Havoc grabbed a barrel, but Janela gave him a low blow. Janela’s legs seemed OK…

Allin grabbed a skateboard, which was covered in thumb tacks on the bottom… He jumped off the top with the skateboard and landed on Janela’s back, leaving several thumb tacks lodged into it!

Coffin drop by Darby off the apron onto Havoc through a table. Allin put Havoc onto the ring steps, grabbed a barrel, went to the top, then tried a coffin drop but Havoc moved and the barrel basically exploded on the steps as Allin landed back first. Holy shit…

Janela hit a top rope elbow drop on Havoc then placed another barrel on him and went to the top, but Havoc got up and hit a suplex onto Janela. He didn’t get all of the barrel, with only Janela’s leg partly smashing it. Havoc then picked up Janela and hit him with an Acid Rainmaker through the barrel for the win.

Insane match…

Winner: Jimmy Havoc (15:00)

The Dark Order vs. Best Friends

The winners get a bye in the AEW Tag Team Championship tournament.

A few minutes in, the Dark Order went for their “Fatality” finisher on Trent, but Chuck broke it up. Best Friends went for Strong Zero on Uno, but Trent couldn’t lift up the big man.

Awful Waffle on Grayson by Chuck. Trent went for the pin, but Uno dragged Trent out. The Creepers then attacked Chuck on the outside.

The Dark Order then hit the Fatality on Trent in the ring. 1-2-3. Decent match, but the weakest of the night so far on the main card.

Winners: The Dark Order (13:40)

After the match, Grayson tossed Chuck into the guardrail. The Creepers picked up Trent and they carried him backstage…

Suddenly, the lights went out and Orange Cassidy appeared in the ring with his hands in his pockets and dived over the top rope onto the Dark Order, taking them out.

Trent and Chuck got in the ring and hugged Orange Cassidy, with Excalibur saying that he’s now a “Best Friend” also.

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

The winner of this match will face Nyla Rose at the first TNT show for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

After a pretty even match for a few minutes, Riho hit a running double knees on Shida for a near fall. Shida quickly took control though, hitting a big backbreaker for a near fall.

They exchanged quick creative pin attempts until Riho swung around and rolled up Shida for the win.

Winner: Riho (13:35)

Nyla Rose walked out and stared down Riho. The two will face each other for the AEW Women’s Championship at the first TNT show on October 2.

Cody vs. Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears was sitting in a chair with a hood over his head for his entrance. Commentary pointed out that it was the same chair that Spears used to hit Cody in the head. Tully Blanchard walked out to be in Spears’ corner.

Brandi Rhodes, Pharaoh the dog, Diamond Dallas Page and MJF walked out with Cody. The referee reminded Cody of the stipulation that he can only have one man in his corner and Cody chose MJF.

Before the bell rang, Cody hit a tope suicida onto Spears, then punched Tully Blanchard in the face. Cody beat on Spears for a minute in the crowd then tossed him into the ring and the bell rang to officially start the match.

On the outside, Blanchard grabbed Cody’s arm and Spears hit Cody with a low blow. Referee Earl Hebner was distracted, arguing with MJF on the other side of the ring.

Later, Spears grabbed Cody’s weight belt and was going to hit Cody with it, but Hebner got in Spears’ face. Spears said “ok, ok” and gave Hebner the belt. As he was bringing it out of the ring, Blanchard gave Spears his own belt and Spears nailed Cody with it a couple of times. Cody got up to his feet, Spears hit him with a belt shot to the face, but Cody no sold it and “Hulked up” and started attacking Spears.

Later, Spears picked Cody up on his back and gave him a death valley driver onto the metal entrance ramp. Hebner started to count, but Cody was able to get back into the ring.

Suddenly, Cody hit a Cross Rhodes out of nowhere. Blanchard got on the apron though, then into the ring. MJF then climbed into the ring. Blanchard got in his face… MJF threw his scarf at Blanchard and they started to choke each other, but Spears nailed MJF with a big kick to the head.

Blanchard started attacking MJF on the outside and suddenly Arn Anderson ran out! Anderson hit a spinebuster on Spears! Anderson then walked backstage as Blanchard looked shocked. Blanchard then also walked backstage after Anderson.

In the ring, Cody grabbed the chair… Spears yelled at him to do it, but Cody tossed the chair aside, then hit him with a Dusty Rhodes elbow. Spears picked up the chair but Cody nailed him with a Disaster Kick into the chair, then a Cross Rhodes… 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody (16:20)

Really good match. Cody matches are always the best from a storytelling and emotion perspective.

Cody celebrated in the ring. MJF picked up the chair behind Cody’s back and had a strange look on his face… but then tossed it away and celebrated with Cody, raising his arm.

AAA World Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
The Lucha Bros (c) vs. The Young Bucks

About a minute into the match, the Young Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver, but it was broken up before the attempt.

Later, Fenix jumped onto the top rope and springboarded onto a ladder, then hand flipped onto the Young Bucks on the outside.

Later, Pentagon and Matt each dived to the outside, with Pentagon putting Nick Jackson through a table and Matt putting Fenix through a table.

Later, Matt Jackson hit three Northern Lights suplexes on Fenix in a row, the third onto a ladder. But Fenix was able to recover and hit a hurricanrana off the top onto Nick Jackson on a ladder. Lots of crazy moves by the Lucha Bros, springboarding off the ropes and off the ladder into hurricanranas on the Bucks.

Nick jumped onto the ladder, but was shoved down by Fenix, but Nick jumped onto the top rope and springboarded off onto Pentagon on the outside. Fenix then climbed the ladder, but Matt shoved him off and he also springboarded off the rope into a moonsault onto Nick on the outside.

Later, Nick jumped through the ladder and over the top onto Pentagon on the outside. Amazing. Pentagon and Matt fought on top of a ladder, with a table placed in the ring next to it… Oh no… Pentagon jumped and hit a Canadian Destroyer off the top of a ladder through a table!!! Holy shit.

Fenix put Matt on a table on one side of the ring and Nick put Pentagon on a table on the other side. Fenix and Nick each climbed to the top of a ladder and both jumped off at the same time, putting their respective opponents through the table… Damn.

Later, Matt picked up Fenix for the Meltzer Driver. Nick climbed the ladder. He had to choose between a Meltzer Driver and grabbing the titles… Pentagon superkicked Matt, though, then shoved the ladder down. Nick’s legs caught on the top rope and he fell brutally, face first through a table on the outside. Holy shit.

Matt climbed the ladder… Pentagon climbed alongside him… Matt pulled Pentagon’s mask off! The crowd booed. Pentagon jumped off, then pushed the ladder down and Matt fell, landing badly on his back on top of it. Christ.

A ladder was set up horizontally at ringside. Package piledriver by Pentagon onto Matt on the ladder, assisted with a top rope stomp by Fenix… The Lucha Bros both climbed the ladder in the ring and grabbed the titles for the win. Absolutely insane match.

Winners: The Lucha Bros (24:10)

After the match, two guys wearing masks (one Bill Clinton mask and one JFK mask) entered the ring and shoved the Lucha Bros off the ladders, then started stomping on them. They then hit Nick Jackson with a double team top rope flipping neckbreaker.

They pulled off their masks and it’s Santana and Ortiz! Commentary didn’t say “LAX,” since that’s owned by Impact still.

AEW World Championship
Hangman Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho

Hangman Page entered on the back of a horse. Jericho has a strange body shape, looking pretty “heavy” but he somehow has an eight pack…

Early, Jericho knocked Page off the apron, into the guard rail. Jericho then beat down on Page in front of Page’s family (wife and parents), who were at ringside. Jericho focused on Page’s arms.

The crowd chanted “stupid idiot” at Jericho. Jericho continued to pound on Page for about five minutes until Page finally was able to hit some offense, briefly gaining control until Jericho took charge again.

Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho, but Page escaped. The crowd didn’t seem to be too behind Page. Page suddenly hit a discus elbow on Jericho. Jericho rolled to the outside and seemed to obviously blade, re-emerging with blood pouring from a cut above his eyebrow, around the same area where Jericho busted open Page previously.

The pace slowed down a lot. Jericho springboarded off the ropes but was hit with a kick. Buckshot lariat by Page, then he went for the Dead Eye, but Jericho escaped and locked on the Walls of Jericho… Page grabbed the ropes. Referee Aubrey Edwards told Jericho to break the hold, but he wouldn’t and she sort of shoved him off. Jericho then got in her face and shoved her shoulder. That allowed Page to regain control. He tossed Jericho out, then hit him with a top rope moonsault.

In the ring, he went for a buckshot lariat, but Jericho reversed it into a codebreaker! 1-2-no…

Page punched Jericho in the face then hit him with the Dead Eye! 1-2-no. Buckshot lariat by Page… He picked up Jericho and went for the Dead Eye again but Jericho blocked it… Judas Effect! 1-2-3!

Winner and first ever AEW World Champion: Chris Jericho (26:17)