AEW Announces Women’s Casino Battle Royale, Featuring Roddy Piper’s Daughter, Teal Piper

In the latest episode of AEW’s Road to All Out, Brandi Rhodes announced that there will be a Casino Battle Royale at All Out to determine “who’s first in line for a shot at the Women’s Championship.”

AEW previously announced that the first AEW Women’s World Champion would be crowned at the first TNT show on October 2. It wasn’t made clear, but it’s likely that the winner of the Battle Royale will face the winner of another match, similar to what AEW did for the men’s World Championship (Hangman Page winning the Battle Royale to face the winner of Jericho vs. Omega for the title).

The Battle Royale will have the same rules as the one at Double or Nothing. 21 women will compete in the over-the-top-rope battle royal, entering in groups of five every three minutes, with #21 entering last.

Brandi brought up that AEW doesn’t actually have 21 women signed to the roster, so others who compete could be an “unknown” or “one of your favorites who you don’t expect to see.”

Three women not currently signed to the roster were announced for the Battle Royale:

Teal Piper (daughter of Rowdy Roddy Piper)
Ivelisse (best known for Lucha Underground)
Jazz (former WWE and NWA Women’s Champion)

Teal Piper

Teal Piper, daughter of the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, announced in the video that she will be making her wrestling debut at the Battle Royale.

She talked about Roddy Piper wanting to keep his family away from wrestling to protect them, but she decided that she finally is making “the leap into the industry.”

My name’s Teal Piper. I’m the daughter of the late Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Growing up with wrestling in my family, it’s kind of a strange dynamic. I grew up with a dad that people hated and literally tried to kill on multiple occasions. He kept us very protected and away from it. He was afraid that fans would lash out at us to get to him. It was almost like this stigma in our household where my dad had a huge love for it but he also was just terrified of me ever getting involved.

I guess my love for it really grew more in my adult years as I got more respect for performers in general and let alone the athleticism it takes. To me, it just seems wasteful to take everything I grew up with and everything he taught me and all my own personal drives and experiences and not do what I wanted to do.

I am so inspired by the women of AEW and the women just in professional wrestling over the years, and where it is now is very exciting and a big reason as to why I’ve finally made the leap into the industry.

It’s also a way for me to reconnect with [Roddy Piper] and to get closer to him and… I guess keep him around.