WWE’s SmackDown Brand to Follow New Touring Schedule Starting This October

WWE reportedly is changing their weekly live events touring schedule for the SmackDown Live brand starting this October, according to Wrestling Observer Radio

Following the October 4th debut episode on FOX, WWE reportedly will be changing from the current Saturday to Tuesday format to a new Thursday to Sunday format for SmackDown’s weekly live events tour schedule, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported. On weeks that feature a pay-per-view event, SmackDown will not hold a live event on that particular Sunday.

Meltzer also reported that WWE currently has one Thursday live event already scheduled for the SmackDown brand on October 17th in Corbin, Kentucky.

It was also reported that RAW’s weekly touring schedule will not be affected by SmackDown’s move to Fridays on FOX. RAW will remain in its current weekly schedule format of Friday to Monday with select Sundays off for pay-per-view events.