Rumors on WWE’s Possible Commentary Team Changes

The items in this post should just be taken as rumors with some healthy skepticism for now, but WrestleVotes, who has a good record of breaking stories, is reporting about a few specific changes that may be coming for WWE’s commentary teams.

According to the rumor, WWE’s current plan is for Michael Cole and Corey Graves to move to SmackDown when it moves to FOX in October, and Graves would no longer do commentary on Raw.

WrestleVotes also says that Vic Joseph, who does commentary for NXT UK and 205 Live, could become the lead commentator on Raw. It wasn’t said what that would mean for Tom Phillips.

And in another rumor, WrestleVotes says that one source claims that the return of a two person announce team is coming.

This comes with the always-true caveat, “Not set in stone, as nothing is with WWE, but this is their working idea.”

It was previously reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE will have exclusive commentary teams for each brand, meaning that Graves would not be on both Raw and SmackDown anymore.

The Observer also reported that FOX was very high on Renee Young, though it’s not clear if that means they’d want her to be on the SmackDown commentary team. Renee will be hosting the Tuesday night WWE studio/talk show on FS1.