WWE: Matt Riddle Calls Dana White a “Little Bald Bitch,” Rollins vs. Sasha Banks on Twitter

Matt Riddle on Dana White

Matt Riddle posted this about UFC president Dana White. White fired Riddle from the UFC in 2013 and called Riddle a “loser” after Riddle failed a drug test for marijuana.

Dana I’m not mad that you fired me I’m mad because you’re a heartless moron with to much money and power and felt the need to call me a loser after you fired me when I was on a 4 fight win streak and had my 3rd child almost bankrupting me. Also to say it was the right call to fire me is the dumbest thing ever, you literally tried to ruin my career/life because your a little bald bitch that couldn’t control me, so stop lying it’s sad bro

Seth Rollins vs. Sasha Banks

Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks had this back-and-forth on Twitter:

Sasha then posted this, seemingly more mocking Alexa Bliss than Rollins: