WWE Network’s Free and Premium Tiers Coming “in Weeks”

WWE co-president George Barrios was interviewed by The Verge about the relaunch of the WWE Network, and he talked about the long-rumored premium and free tiers, saying that the tiers would be “coming soon, in weeks and not months.”

“Our free content lived separately from our premium subscription content. They were kind of in different places. What’s coming here soon, in weeks and not months, is the beginning of integration of our free content with our paid content. It’ll be one integrated experience, and what content you can access just depends on what level member you are.”

According to PWInsider, there has been a lot of talk that the tiers will launch in January 2020, and WWE has been reaching out to indie wrestling companies, including lucha libre promotions in Mexico, about their interest in appearing on the WWE Network.

EVOLVE, PROGRESS and ICW are affiliated with WWE and have long been rumored to have their content streamed as part of a “premium” WWE Network tier. What the cost will be for the “premium” tier hasn’t been revealed yet.