Impact Results – Oct. 29, 2019 – Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan in a Cage

October 29, 2019
Windsor, ON – St. Clair College
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Quick Match Results

  1. Marufuji defeated Josh Alexander via Sliced Bread #2
  2. Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & Alexia Nicole defeated Taya Valkyrie, Kiera Hogan & Madison Rayne via rollup by Jordynne on Taya
  3. Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Desi Hit Squad via double team top rope neckbreaker on Rohit Raju
  4. Street Fight: Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards via The Fold through a table
  5. World Championship Steel Cage Match: Sami Callihan defeated Brian Cage (c) via top rope piledriver to win the title

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Josh Alexander vs. Marufuji

Marufuji hits a dropkick, followed by running double knees to gain momentum in the early going. Alexander launches himself off the top, driving his knee into the neck of Marufuji for a two count. Marufuji connects with a series of kicks but Alexander comes right back with a big forearm shot. Alexander gets Marufuji up in the Torture Rack, then spins him down to the mat for a very close near fall. Marufuji connects with Sliced Bread #2 to pick up the win.

Winner: Marufuji

After the match, Marufuji offers his hand to Alexander but Page persuades him not to shake it.

Backstage: oVe

Security confronts oVe in the backstage area and tell Sami Callihan that the Crists and Madman Fulton are banned from the building tonight.

Backstage: Fallah Bahh, The Rascalz

Fallah Bahh joins the Rascalz in the Treehouse and speaks for the first time ever.

Taya Valkyrie, Kiera Hogan & Madison Rayne vs. Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & Alexia Nicole

Alexia hits the ropes but Taya attacks her from the apron, allowing Madison to gain control of the match. Kiera takes Alexia off the top with a high-risk Hurricanrana but tweaks her shoulder in the process. It turns out to be a hoax as she suckers Alexia in and pokes her eyes. Jordynne connects with a big splash on Taya. Jordynne rolls up Taya out of nowhere to score the upset victory.

Winners: Jordynne Grace, Rosemary & Alexia Nicole

Segment: Rob Van Dam

RVD speaks for the first time since betraying Rhino at Bound for Glory. While on vacation with Katie Forbes, RVD claims that many professional wrestlers have stolen his move set but in the end, he’s still one of a kind.

Desi Hit Squad vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

The Desi Hit Squad wear down Rich, cutting off the ring and preventing him from making the tag to Willie. Rich turns it around with a clothesline to Rohit, allowing him to tag in the big man. Willie hits Rohit with a Samoan Drop, followed by his signature standing Moonsault for a two count. The Desi Hit Squad connect with a modified double team DDT on Rich but Willie breaks up the pin attempt. Rich hits Rohit with the handspring cutter. Rich and Willie hit a double team top rope neckbreaker to win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Backstage: Rhino

Rhino arrives to the arena and he’s furiously looking for the man that betrayed him at Bound for Glory, Rob Van Dam. Rhino threatens RVD and challenges him to a match at Turning Point on IMPACT Plus.

Segment: Moose

Moose is on the golf course to prove he’s the best multi-sport athlete of all time.

In-Ring: Ken Shamrock, Joey Ryan

Ken Shamrock is in the ring to address his future in professional wrestling. Joey Ryan interrupts and claims his thing can tap out Shamrock faster than the Gracie choke. Shamrock doesn’t back down and challenges Joey to a match next week. Joey tries to get Shamrock to touch it but he avoids it, sending Joey retreating up the ramp.

Street Fight
Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie jumpstarts the match with a dive through the ropes to the floor. Eddie brings out the weapons but Ace turns it around with a trash can shot. Eddie is about to put Ace through a table when Reno Scum interferes. Eddie sends Thornstowe through the table with a belly-to-belly throw. Ace regains control off the distraction with a springboard leg drop onto a garbage can. Eddie takes Ace off the top rope with a huge back body drop. Eddie swings a kendo stick but Ace blocks it with the X-Division Title and cracks him over the head with it. Ace breaks Kenny the kendo stick over his knee. Ace loads his fist with a piece of steel and clobbers Eddie, then hits a super Fold through a table to win.

Winner: Ace Austin

Backstage: Su Yung

Su Yung debuts her new persona as Suzie but even she doesn’t know what happened to the Su Yung of old.

Backstage: Johnny Swinger, Alisha, Ace Austin

Johnny Swinger hits on Alisha but Ace Austin puts a stop to it. Ace finally persuades Alisha to have dinner with him.

World Championship Steel Cage Match
Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan

Before the match even begins, Sami kicks the cage door into the face of Brian. Sami locks him out of the cage but Brian lunges up the wall, over the top and into the ring to start the match. Sami hits Brian over the head with his baseball bat, busting him open in the process. Sami connects with a huge clothesline for a very close two count. Sami hits his signature Cactus Special Piledriver but Brian kicks out at one. Sami hits repeated strikes, followed by three Cactus Special Piledrivers but Brian somehow kicks out at two. Brian hits an Alabama Slam, followed by a massive discus clothesline for a near fall of his own. Sami connects with a vicious Piledriver off the top to win the match and become new IMPACT World Champion.

Winner and new World Champion: Sami Callihan

After the match, Tessa Blanchard confronts Sami Callihan and makes her intentions clear – she’s coming for his World Championship. IMPACT on AXS goes off the air.