Impact Reportedly Considering Vince Russo & Dixie Carter for One Night TNA Show

Impact has been considering asking Vince Russo and Dixie Carter to be part of their upcoming one-night-only TNA revival show, TNA: There’s No Place Like Home in April, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Impact is “going back and forth” about asking Russo to be part of the show, the Observer says, with the idea that him being on the show would stir up a big reaction (even if negative) on the internet and get more people interested in the show.

Dixie Carter and Mike Tenay are other names that Impact has talked about for the show. Tenay has already been asked but the Observer says that it’s more likely that he says no than yes at this point.

TNA: There’s No Place Like Home will take place on Friday, April 3 at 7 PM ET in Tampa, FL and will stream on FITE TV.

Already announced for the show:

– Ultimate X Match
– Scott Steiner
– Chris Sabin
– Chris Harris
– D’Lo Brown
– Ken Anderson
– Petey Williams
– Amazing Red
– Disco Inferno