More on CFO$’s Departure from WWE

As noted before, WWE’s main musical producers CFO$ left the company around the middle of last year. CFO$’s departure was only known months after it had happened although the reason for it was not known at the time.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources recently stated that the reason for CFO$’s departure from WWE was due to issues the music group had with their publisher. One of Sapp’s sources stated that CFO$ had been in a monetary dispute with their publisher and pushed for WWE to buy them out of their deal but their publisher was unwilling to cooperate. Sapp also noted that CFO$ likely has a non-compete clause with their publisher, which may further explain why they are no longer with WWE.

It was also reported that WWE also had other departures occur within their musical department in recent months which has led to the company having to rely more on using library tracks and an in-house editor for new entrance themes for their talent.