AJ Styles Explains What a Boneyard Match Is

AJ Styles is set to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a “Boneyard Match,” but WWE hasn’t explained what that is.

Over on his Mixer channel, Styles explained that it’s essentially a “street fight in a cemetery.”

“There’s a reason why I think it’s called a Boneyard Match. Because we didn’t want to say cemetery or a graveyard,” Styles said. “You know, everything that’s going on, it sucks. Boneyard is slang for graveyard, it really is.”

Styles’ co-host then asked if the match will be a “street fight in a cemetery” and Styles said, “Bingo.”

“I think it’s a combination of things you thought it was, most likely. I think it’s going to be that. It’s different, it’s going to be different,” he added.

WWE has had five “Buried Alive” matches in the past, all featuring the Undertaker, where the objective was to throw your opponent into a grave. Those took place inside of the arena though, and it sounds like the “Boneyard Match” will take place on another set that looks like a cemetery. It remains to be seen if you’ll have to throw your opponent in a grave to win.

h/t: Wrestling Inc.