NXT Results – Mar. 11, 2020 – Broserweights vs. Fish & O’Reilly

March 11, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com and Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com

Quick Match Results

  1. NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee (c) defeated Cameron Grimes via Big Bang Catastrophe
  2. Mia Yim defeated Dakota Kai via codebreaker
  3. Kushida defeated Raul Mendoza via cross arm breaker
  4. Tegan Nox defeated Deonna Purrazzo via Shiniest Wizard
  5. NXT Tag Team Championship: The Broserweights (c) defeated Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly via Bro 2 Sleep by Riddle on O’Reilly

We go live into the WWE Performance Center for a very special edition of NXT.

NXT North American Championship
Keith Lee (c) vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes goes for a kick, but Lee blocks it and flips him over. Lee (sort of) lands on his feet. Grimes goes for a takedown, but Lee lifts and throws him aside. Grimes goes for a takedown again, but he can’t lift Lee. Grimes clubs Lee’s back, but Lee sends him to the corner. Grimes gets out, but Lee chops him down. Grimes forearms Lee, so Lee throws him out of the ring. Lee throws him into the ring, but Grimes boots him getting in. Grimes gets on the apron and kicks Lee in the face. Grimes goes for a cannonball off the apron, but Lee catches him in powerbomb position. Grimes quickly grabs the ropes and pulls himself to the apron. Grimes the boots Lee in the face. Grimes goes for a suicide dive, but Lee catches him and stares at him. Lee goes for a powerbomb again, but Grimes once again grabs the ropes. Lee quickly pulls him down. Grimes gets in the ring, but quickly rolls to the apron. Grimes’ hat gets knocked to the floor. Lee tries for a superplex, but Grimes gets down and kicks him in the face before knocking him down. Grimes connects with a big cross-body block.

We come back from the break to see Lee lift Grimes, but Grimes gets out. Grimes goes for a German Suplex, but he can’t get Lee off his feet. They hit the ropes, and Lee hits a running cross-body block. Lee clubs him and lifts him up for a slam. Grimes goes for a kick, but Lee counters into a Spirit Bomb attempt. Grimes gets out and superkicks him before hitting a German Suplex with a bridge, but Lee kicks out! Grimes soon goes for a moonsault off the second rope, but Lee catches him. Grimes manages to counter into a DDT for a near fall.

Grimes goes for a Cave In, but Lee counters into a Spirit Bomb attempt. Grimes gets out and superkicks him. Grimes hits the ropes, but so does Lee. Lee annihilates Grimes with a Pounce. Lee follows up with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

As Keith Lee is celebrating in the ring, Damian Priest runs in from behind and cracks him in the head with a nightstick! Priest hits Lee again with the nightstick to take him down. Dominik Dijakovic runs down to save Lee. Priest runs off. Dijakovic picks up the NXT North American Championship and goes over to Lee. Lee then hits Dijakovic with a Spirit Bomb out of nowhere! Lee walks off with the title. The commentators state Lee didn’t know who attacked him and thought it was Dijakovic.

Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai

The commentators talk about the Women’s Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay. Chelsea Green already qualified. Mia Yim will battle Dakota Kai for the next spot.

Yim avoids a kick and rolls Kai up for a two count. Kai slaps Yim, so Yim punches away at her. Yim throws Kai across the ring and knees away at her. Kai soon sends her into the ropes, but Yim hits a dropkick for a two count. Yim punches away at Kai before putting her in the corner. Yim boots her before sending her to the other corner. Kai drops her on the apron, but Yim kicks her away. Gonzalez sweeps the feet while the referee is distracted. Gonzalez catches Yim and drops her on the apron.

We come back from the break to see Yim fight back and sweep the feet. Yim hits a clothesline, a kick, and a neckbreaker. Yim dropkicks her down in the corner and hits a rolling cannonball for a near fall. Kai soon comes back and hits a Kai-Ropractor for a near fall. Kai screams in frustration. Kai applies a rest hold and kicks her in the face. Yim rolls her up for a two count. Kai goes for a running boot, but Yim moves. Yim lifts her up and hits a powerbomb. Gonzalez breaks up the pin.

Yim is livid and stares at Gonzalez. Kai rolls Yim up, but the referee is still admonishing Gonzalez. Kai goes over and yells at the referee. Kai turns, and Yim hits a codebreaker for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Mia Yim

Raquel Gonzalez attacks Yim from behind and viciously powerbombs her. Gonzalez helps Kai up and out of the ring. Yim gets up, and the crowd chants for her as she leaves.

Mia Yim joins Chelsea Green in the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Ladder Match.

That mysterious vignette plays again.

Kushida vs. Raul Mendoza

The bell rings, and they start exchanging forearms. Kushida sends him to the corner, but Mendoza slingshots over him. They hit the ropes and do some counters. Mendoza then dropkicks Kushida down. Mendoza chops the chest and sends Kushida to the corner. Kushida drops Mendoza on the apron, but Mendoza knocks him back. Mendoza walks on thee top rope and jumps off, but Kushida punches him out of mid-air. Mendoza rolls out of the ring. Kushida hits Mendoza with a somersault senton. Kushida kicks Mendoza back in the ring and jumps off the top rope, but Mendoza takes him out. Mendoza hits a modified neckbreaker followed by a springboard moonsault for a near fall.

Mendoza applies a chin lock. Kushida fights up and flips through a back suplex. Kushida hits a handspring back elbow. Kushida kicks him and goes for a rolling DDT, but Mendoza pushes him off. Kushida cartwheels through a hip toss and dropkicks Mendoza. Kushida boots Mendoza in the face and goes to the top rope, but Mendoza cuts him off. Mendoza climbs the ropes and lifts Kushida. Kushida fights off and hooks the arm. Kushida slams him off the top rope and applies a cross arm breaker for the win!

Winner by Submission: Kushida

Earlier Today: Tyler Breeze, Austin Theory

Tyler Breeze is shown earlier in the day talking about the importance of the Performance Center. Austin Theory cuts him off and says he was a huge fan in high school. Theory says the Performance Center can make stars and superstars. Breeze never panned out to that. Breeze takes a photo of him and says Theory looks great for a flash in the pan.

In-Ring: Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair

NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring. Ripley says Charlotte Flair needs a better game plan to psyche her out of WrestleMania. This is the biggest match of her career and she feels the pressure, but what gets her through it is knocking The Queen on her royal ass.

Charlotte Flair’s music hits, and The Queen makes her way to the ring. A “You don’t go here” chant picks up. Flair tells Ripley that she has guts, but she doesn’t understand what’s coming. The crowd throws Flair off with the chants. She tells them to shut up. Flair says Ripley is getting too much too soon. She won’t be able to handle the pressure. Most importantly, Ripley cannot handle Flair. Flair says she’ll take the fastest rising star in WWE to deep waters and drown her.

Ripley attacks Flair as she gets in the ring. They brawl before Flair gets up and hits her with a big boot. A “Go back to Raw” chant picks up. Flair goes for a Figure Four, but Ripley kicks her away. Flair leaves the ring, sweeps the feet, and slams Ripley’s leg off the ring post twice! Flair then wraps the legs around the post and applies a Figure Four! Referees pull Flair off. Flair stands over Ripley and puts a boot on her while holding up the NXT Women’s Championship. Flair walks off and mocks the crowd.

Video: Finn Balor

A video is shown of Finn Bálor saying he’s coming after NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER.

Backstage: Mia Yim, Raul Mendoza

Mia Yim is being interviewed in the parking lot when an SUV wildly speed by her. Two men in masks get out of the SUV and take Raul Mendoza. They drive off with him.

Tegan Nox vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo immediately starts wrenching the arm and twists. Nox fights out and grabs the throat. Purrazzo quickly slams her on the shoulder and shoulders her in the midsection in the corner. Nox jumps over Purrazzo, but Purrazzo comes back with a suplex for a two count. Purrazzo is not happy with the count. Purrazzo uppercuts Nox’s arm and stomps her. Purrazzo chops her in the corner. Nox reverses a whip and hits a running uppercut. Nox takes her down and goes for a Cannon-Boar. Purrazzo knocks her away and hits a bicycle kick for a near fall. Purrazzo then goes to a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Nox screams in pain and rolls her over for a two count. Nox takes Purrazzo down and hits a Shiniest Wizard for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox joins Chelsea Green and Mia Yim in the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay.

In-Ring: Undisputed Era, Velveteen Dream

The Undisputed ERA makes their way to the ring. Velveteen Dream’s music hits, and he appears on a platform. Dream says he’s coming for NXT Champion Adam Cole. Dream doesn’t care about Roderick Strong’s family. It was just tights. Strong is dumber than he looks. Dream says we’re looking at the NXT Championship main event at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay.

Adam Cole tells Dream to shut up. Dream hasn’t earned anything. Dream got him in a Steel Cage, but he still lost. Cole is the greatest NXT Champion that there has ever been. Cole will have a celebration next week to celebrate being the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time. How about they settle this now? Dream says, “Not today, ladies.” Dream says it’s time for a wakeup call. The BroserWeights’ music hits.

Rest of the results via Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Broserweights (c) vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle and Dunne start things off and Dunne with a take down and he works on the ankle. Kyle escapes and gets back to his feet. Riddle tags in and so does Fish. Riddle with punches but Fish with a take down and waist lock. Riddle with a waist lock and take down. Fish with a kick but Riddle with a gutwrench suplex and he rolls through and Dunne stops Kyle as Pete and Matt hit gutwrench suplexes.

We are back and Riddle gets a near fall on Kyle. Kyle and Riddle exchange forerams and then Riddle is sent to the apron and he knocks Fish off the apron. Riddle avoids a leg sweep from Fish but Kyle kicks Riddle off the apron. Fish tags in and he sends Riddle into the guardrails and punches Riddle. They return to the ring. Kyle tags in and connects with elbows and a sliding knee to the ribs. Kyle with more forearms and he gets a near fall. Fish with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Riddle with forearms and Fish with a forearm that sends Riddle to his knees. Fish with a snap mare and slingshot elbow for a near fall.

Kyle tags in and they hit a double suplex and Kyle gets a near fall. Kyle with a sliding knee to the ribs and a front face lock. Kyle with jumping knees. Fish tags in and Riddle with a punch. Fish with a kick and knees but Riddle with a Pele kick. Kyle makes the tag but Dunne tags in and hits a clothesline on Kyle and a German suplex to Fish and he stomps on the hands. Dunne with a round kick to Fish and a missile drop kick to Kyle’s knee. Dunne with an X Plex but Kyle blocks the cross arm breaker. Dunne with a triangle and Kyle gets to the ropes to force Dunne to release the hold. Kyle is pulled to the floor and Riddle with a plancha off Dunne’s back.

Riddle sends Strong and Cole into the ring. Dunne goes down and tries to make the referee think that Cole hit him. The referee didn’t see it while both sides try to make their case. The referee with a basic Brian Hebner wind up to send Cole and Strong to the back.

Dunne stomps on Kyle’s elbow. Dunne with a thrust kick to Fish on the floor and Kyle with a dragon screw leg whip and Fish with a leg sweep to Dunne. Fish with a knee drop to the leg. Fish kicks Dunne into the corner and Kyle tags in. Kyle with kicks to Dunne and Fish tags back in. Fish with knees and an Irish whip. Kyle tags in and Fish is sent to the apron. Kyle with a knee to keep Dunne from making the tag. Dunne flips out of the corner and Fish pulls Riddle off the apron to prevent the tag. Kyle gets a near fall. Kyle with strikes and a series of knees and a leg sweep. Fish tags in and he goes for a slingshot senton but Dunne gets his knees up. Dunne misses an enzuigiri but kicks Kyle to make the tag.

Riddle with kicks and forearms to Bobby and Kyle. Riddle with an exploder to Fish followed by a forearm and exploder to Kyle. Riddle with back sentons to Fish and Kyle. Riddle with a kick to Fish and a fisherman’s buster to Kyle for a near fall. Riddle is sent into Dunne and Kyle and Bobby go for stereo German suplexes but Dunne and Riddle land on their feet and kick Kyle and Bobby. Dunne with a sit out power bomb to Kyle for a near fall. DUnne with stomps to Kyle but Kyle kicks Dunne. Dunne with a forearm but Kyle with a knee. Kyle with an axe kick and Dunne with a kick. Kyle with a clothesline and both men are down.

Fish blocks Bro 2 Sleep. Riddle with a snap mare and knee to Fish. Kyle makes the tag to help block a German suplex. Riddle with a German suplex to Fish but Kyle with a knee off the turnbuckles to break up the bridge and Kyle gets a near fall. Dunne goes to the apron and misses a moonsault when Fish moves. Kyle with a running knee off the apron. Fish tags in and they set for Collapse but Riddle kicks out. Kyle tags in and Riddle with chops and kicks. Fish with a kick and Riddle with a double spear.

Zack Gibson and James Drake make their way to the apron and Dunne and Riddle want a piece of them. Fish and Dunne go to the floor. Gibson with a double thrust to Riddle and Kyle with a rollup for a near fall. Riddle with a jumping knee and Dunne pulls Drake out of the ring and Dunne with a forearm. Fish is back dropped onto Drake and Gibson. Dunne tags in and they hit an enzuigiri and Bro 2 Sleep for the three count.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne (retain championship)

Next Week

Next week, Adam Cole will have a championship celebration. In addition, Mercedes Martinez and Candice LeRae will meet in a qualifying match.

Segment: Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano

Tommaso says he knows that Johnny can hear these people. You gave him a promise. This week we would find out why. Time is about up.

Johnny Gargano is on the H Tron and he says he knows everything about Tommaso. We are going to do things the Gargano Way. Everyone has to admit they were wrong about you. Johnny says he hasn’t forgotten when Ciampa did over the last three years. Ciampa is the worst person in NXT history. You are gone for six months and all is forgiven. Everyone chants “Daddy’s Home”.

Ciampa finds Gargano and they fight. Ciampa sends Gargano into the wall and over a table. Gargano throws office supplies at Ciampa. Ciampa hits Gargano with a framed poster. Gargano goes into the medical room and Ciampa throws a cart at Gargano and takes a crutch.

Security tries to stop Ciampa and that was not a good idea. They fight into the gym and CIampa sends Gargano into a metal door. Gargano has a bottle and sprays the contents in Ciampa’s face. Gargano sends Ciampa through the glass of the door. Gargano does not want to feel left out so he punches security.

Gargano with a kick to the ribs. Gargano sends Ciampa into some of the equipment in the gym. Gargano punches Ciampa while officials suggest that Gargano stop. Gargano takes a plate of weights and Ciampa kicks Gargano. Ciampa picks it up and hits Gargano with it. Ciampa throws a weight at Gargano and Gargano moves and the mirror shatters. Gargano punches Ciampa and Gargano tries to get away.

They return to the arena and Gargano with a super kick. Ciampa with a kick to the head and Gargano is sent into a chair. Ciampa grabs a chair and he runs into Gargano with it and Ciampa falls off the bleachers.

Ciampa tries to power bomb Gargano onto the announce table but Gargano pushes Ciampa into the guardrails. Gargano goes up to the GameDeck and Ciampa follows. Ciampa punches Gargano and Ciampa tries to throw Gargano over the side. Gargano with a super kick. Gargano removes part of the railing and he gets Ciampa on his shoulders but Ciampa grabs the other part of the railing. Ciampa with a knee to the head. Gargano with GargaNo Escape. The referee pulls Gargano off and Gargano punches the referee.

Gargano tells everyone he wants them to see this. Ciampa gets Gargano up and hits an Air Raid Crash off the platform through the announce table.

William Regal comes out to see what these two men have done.