WWE Reportedly Blacklists Outspoken Pro-Union Wrestler David Starr

David Starr has allegedly been prevented from working with WWE-affiliated German promotion wXw at the behest of WWE, according to Dave Meltzer.

Starr bid farewell to wXw over the weekend and Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that “essentially WWE made it such that [wXw and Starr] could not work together anymore.”

wXw is a WWE-affiliated promotion and several wrestlers currently signed to NXT UK frequently wrestle there.

David Starr has been very outspoken about workers’ rights and the need for unions for pro wrestlers, and has been very critical of WWE’s relative low pay for NXT wrestlers, WWE not providing health insurance, not paying for wrestlers’ transportation, their partnership with the despotic Saudi monarchy and much more.

There was also an incident last year where Starr stomped on the WWE UK Championship to get heat during a match with WALTER at an OTT Wrestling show. That apparently also got heat from WWE.

Starr has also not wrestled for WWE-affiliated promotion PROGRESS in the UK for several months, which may also have something to do with WWE’s apparent blacklist.