AEW Announces Women’s Tournament Rules, Cameron Returns

AEW announced the rules for the upcoming “AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw” tonight on Dynamite.

  • The tournament is a random draw.
  • All competitors must draw a color.
  • Matching colors will become a team.
  • Selections are final and can’t be appealed.
  • The winning team will receive a trophy.

Nyla Rose drew a color backstage and got purple. Ariane Andrew, the former Cameron from WWE and Total Divas then appeared and said that she also drew purple and will be Rose’s partner in the tournament.

Andrew was part of “The Funkadactyls” in WWE with Naomi from 2012-2014 and was released by WWE in 2016. She was also part of the main cast of Total Divas in the show’s first three seasons from 2013-2015.

AEW said that something related to the tournament would air this Monday at 7 PM ET on their YouTube channel, but it wasn’t clear if it would be the start of the actual tournament, more color draws, or something else.