WWE Reportedly Planned to Relaunch the Nation of Domination

WWE reportedly had a plan to bring back the Nation of Domination on this past Monday’s Raw, which is why Ron Simmons was on the show, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“There was an idea – I don’t know if it was dropped. Originally, it was going to be on the show – for a revamping of the Nation of Domination and Ron Simmons was gonna be part of that angle, but they dropped that angle for this show,” Dave Meltzer said on Observer Radio. “They may be building to it later, they may have dropped it completely. But they had brought him in for that angle, so that’s why he was on television.”

Ron Simmons briefly appeared in a backstage segment on Raw with MVP and Bobby Lashley. He told MVP to “remember there’s a better way,” bumped fists with him, and walked off.

Later, Shelton Benjamin joined up with MVP and Lashley and MVP said that their new stable was called “The Hurt Business.”

The Nation of Domination was first formed in the WWF in 1996 (lasting until 1998) with Simmons (then Faarooq) as the first leader. The Rock later became the leader of the stable and some of its members included the Godfather (as “Kama Mustafa”), D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry, among others.