WWE: Rey Mysterio Status Update, Payback Event Planned for August, Royal Rumble 2021

Rey Mysterio WWE Contract Talks Update

As noted before, Rey Mysterio has been working for WWE without an actual contract for the past several weeks. The status of contract talks between WWE and Mysterio reportedly have recently grown positive following an impasse over monetary issues.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that as of earlier this week, Mysterio and Vince McMahon were still in negotiations for terms for a potential new contract with the company.

More on WWE Network Special Planned for Late August

As noted before, WWE currently has plans to hold a new WWE Network special on August 30th, which is one week after this year’s SummerSlam event.

WrestleVotes reported that this unknown WWE Network special is currently expected to be the return of WWE’s Payback series of pay-per-view events. WWE last held a Payback themed event in 2017, which was headlined by a singles match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns.

WWE previously had been rumored to be working on plans for their next all-women’s Evolution 2 event and a potential August 30th date for the event.

WWE Reportedly Changed Plans for 2021 Royal Rumble

WWE reportedly has recently changed their early plans for next year’s Royal Rumble event.

WrestleVotes reported that WWE originally had plans to officially announce the date and location for next year’s Royal Rumble event in early August but have recently delayed those announcement plans.

While the reason for the delay was not stated, it is likely assumed to be due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and WWE’s events scheduling concerns for early next year.