Matt Riddle Withdraws Restraining Order & Files Civil Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accuser

Matt Riddle reportedly recently filed a notice to voluntary dismiss his restraining order against his sexual assault accuser and indie wrestler Candy Cartwright (real name Samantha Tavel), according to David Bixenspan.

David Bixespan reported that Riddle and his lawyer Daniel J. Rose had filed a request to the Orange County Court in Florida for his restraining order against Cartwright to be dismissed without prejudice just over 36 hours before their scheduled court hearing was to take place. Bixespan reported that the reason for the dismissal request likely was due to Cartwright’s lawyer had soundly taken apart the claims being made by Riddle against Cartwright and weakened Riddle’s case had it gone to a court hearing.

Following the dismissal request filing, Riddle’s lawyer announced on Twitter that his client has decided to file a civil lawsuit instead against Cartwright.

“On July 13, 2020, our client Matthew Riddle only sought a cyberstalking injunction against Samantha Tavel. The Court set it for hearing as they found probable cause for the matter to be heard. It was represented to our client and our firm that Ms. Tavel had moved on with her life and our client would no longer need to continue with the cyberstalking injunction. Our client then dismissed the cyberstalking injunction (without prejudice) which left all of his legal remedies open and allowed for closure.  Today, our client has elected to file a civil suit against Ms Tavel for her continued false and defamatory statements that our client sexually assaulted her. No further statements will be made on social media at this time.”