WWE Announces Heritage Cup Tournament for NXT UK

WWE recently announced that they will be holding a Heritage Cup tournament for NXT UK as part of the brand’s upcoming return to weekly television.

This will be an eight-man tournament held under British Rounds style rules and the winner will receive a trophy that WWE stated will be considered similar to a championship belt and be defended regularly.

Full list of competitors for NXT UK’s Heritage Cup tournament:

  • Flash Morgan Webster
  • Noam Dar
  • Alexander Wolfe
  • A-Kid
  • Dave Mastiff
  • Joseph Conners
  • Trent Seven

Full list of British Rounds rules for NXT UK Heritage Cup tournament:

  • All matches consist of six three-minute rounds.
  • All matches are 2-out-of-3 Falls.
  • Falls can won be won by pinfall, submission or count-out.
  • Once a fall occurs, the round ends.
  • The match ends once a wrestler has won two falls.
  • In the event of a disqualification or knockout, the match instantly ends without the need for two falls.
  • If all six rounds are completed, whomever is ahead on falls wins the match.
  • There will be a 20-second break between each round.