Various: Tony Khan on AEW Video Games, Britt Baker on Criticisms of AEW Women’s Division, Indies

AEW CEO Tony Khan Comments on Plans for AEW Video Games

Forbes held a recent interview with AEW CEO Tony Khan and one of the topics discussed included the company’s current plans for AEW branded video games.

“From a merchandising standpoint, everybody joked that we were a t-shirt company when we first started. But now we’ve got a very successful TV show and we’ve done a lot of successful pay-per-views. We’ve launched our action figures. We’re going to have different types of video games for different platforms and different experiences. So there’s all kinds of new lines of business coming up for us. Sports entertainment, in a lot of ways, is a very applicable term. But I don’t like it being used as a substitute for wrestling. It is a form of sports entertainment, what we do. But I also think that there’s no substitute for the word wrestling. I think it’s a great word. It makes me feel great when I say it. It brings a smile to my face. I love wrestling. I always have.”

Britt Baker on Criticisms of AEW’s Women’s Division and Plans to Improve the Division

Entertainment website held a recent interview with Britt Baker. Some of the topics discussed included her thoughts on the online criticisms towards AEW’s women’s division and the company’s plans to grow and improve the division.

“Yeah, I definitely think it’s something the company is working on. You know, and we got hit hard—our women’s division, because of the COVID outbreak. Half our roster is international talent, so we immediately didn’t have access to any of those women. Then Kris Statlander got hurt, and I got hurt. And there’s only so much time on AEW Dynamite to start with.

And I know there are plans to grow the women’s division, but at the same time we need help from the fans at home too! We can’t have the women’s segments being the lowest rated or the lowest views each week. Because at the end of the day it’s a business, and AEW needs ratings.

It’s no secret we’re in a war every Wednesday night with NXT, so we need the ratings up. So for the fans that are so encouraging and saying, ‘We want more women, we want more women!’ That’s great, but please don’t turn the channel when the women are on TV then! We want everybody to be watching the segments and cheering us on from home.”

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Ring of Honor reportedly recently put all of their talent in Baltimore, Maryland under quarantine for the next several days as a COVID-19 precaution before starting their next upcoming set of television tapings, according to the Wrestling Observer.

AEW reportedly is currently interested in the idea of signing indie wrestler Mance Warner once his current contract with Major League Wrestling expires, according to Fightful.

Gerald Brisco reportedly will be starting a new podcast series soon called “Monday Mailbag with Gerald Brisco” on the subscription network.

Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer recently stated Twitter that the company will be allowing a limited number of fans to attend their upcoming television tapings as part of the company’s plans to resume tapings from the coronavirus pandemic.

Game Changer Wrestling announced that Danny Limelight will be making his official debut for the company at their The Last Resort event on October 17th in Silverado, California. GCW also announced that Sabu will also be making an appearance at this event.

Indie wrestler Dan The Dad announced that he has recently tested positive for the coronavirus. He also asked for everyone who was at GCW’s The Collective series of events this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana to get tested as a precaution.

Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Entertainment recently announced that they have signed a deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling to provide weekly content for their Game+ television network. It was also announced that OVW content will be debuting on the network starting on October 18th.