WWE SmackDown Results – Nov. 20, 2020 – Bryan vs. Uso, Rollins vs. Murphy

Results by Mike Hogan – Rajah.com

November 20, 2020
Orlando, FL – Amway Center
Commentary: Michael Cole & Corey Graves

Quick Match Results

  1. The New Day & the Street Profits defeated Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode via frog splash by Ford on Zayn
  2. Team Smackdown Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya defeated Tamina via Sharpshooter
  3. Murphy defeated Seth Rollins via Murphy’s Law
  4. Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via small package

Backstage: The Street Profits, Big E

The Profits open our show, set up in the backstage area with several buckets of popcorn on a table. They plug the WWE Network and the “final farewell” to the Undertaker, which will take place during the Survivor Series. Montez Ford impersonates the Taker, rolling his eyes back as the lights flicker and thunder/lightning sound FX occur. They look around at the lights, and Big E slowly raises up behind them, wearing a black sombrero, doing his own Taker impersonation. He then talks to the Profits, plugging his New Day allies who will face the Street Profits at Survivor Series in a champion vs champion match. Ford responds that all the Profits do is win, win, win. Dawkins says that they’ll break bread with the New Day any day, but this Sunday they’re going to bury the New Day. Big E tells them that he’s not worried, and the New Day are there. He then does his old New Day promo, exclaiming the New Day as ten-time tag team champs. We cut to the arena.

In-Ring: The New Day, Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, The Street Profits

The current Raw Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring, basking in the cheers from the digital audience. Xavier blows his trombone in the corner as they dance. Xavier Woods gets on the mic. “Now we know, we know, we don’t even go here anymore. But we were invited. So we said why not?” Kofi says “why not check in to the Smackdown Hotel one more time?” Woods tells us that we’re two days away from Survivor Series, and they need to say a few words to the Street Profits. Kofi tells us that the Profits are right to want the smoke, but only the smoke, because they don’t want the fire (from the New Day). Woods tells them that they’re “dead men” and Kofi tells him that’s too harsh. Woods explains that he’s tying it into the Undertaker. Both men lay down on the mat and do the Undertaker-sit-up.

They’re interrupted by Sami Zayn who comes out to the top of the ramp with a hot mic. Zayn cuts a speech, telling us that he doesn’t want to hear anymore about the Undertaker. He says the Taker is a coward, and WWE has been doing everything to protect him and would do anything to protect him. Zayn then says that this Sunday, he’ll defeat Bobby Lashley and show the world that the Intercontinental Champion is greater than the United States Champion. Zayn gets in the ring and tells the New Day that he’s not there to hurt them–to which they exclaim, with great relief, “oh good! Good!” The New Day talk briefly, then Xavier makes fun of Sami and says he looks like he’s looking to buy a 400 square foot home.

King Corbin makes his way out now, and complains that it’s bad enough that Drew McIntyre has to come to Smackdown. He says he doesn’t want to see the New Day and says “didn’t you already have a farewell match?” Xavier compliments Corbin’s crown but explains why they’re there. Corbin doesn’t want to hear it and says he wants them off his show.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode make their way out to the ring with Dolph on the mic. Ziggler insults everyone, and complains about the New Day & the Street Profits simply exchanging belts when they were drafted to other teams. Ziggler says they were screwed out of their chance to be tag team champions. Roode chimes in. Kofi and Xavier deduce that what Dolph & Robert are really saying is that they want a tag team title shot. Xavier says that they can defend their Raw titles but against who (who, who, who, who)? Kofi addresses Corbin, praising him and Zayn and asks if they’re willing to let these two (Ziggler/Roode) stand in the way of Zayn & Corbin getting a title shot? Corbin and Zayn both back off verbally, stating that they’re not even a team. They keep repeating that they’re not a team, but if they were, they’d easily defeat Ziggler and Roode. The New Day propose a match–Corbin & Zayn versus Ziggler & Roode, with the winners getting a Raw Tag Team Championship match tonight. The four heels square up, getting ready, but Ziggler and Roode turn on the New Day.

The Street Profits run out to aide their friends, and the Profits and the New Day both take turns sending the heels out of the ring and hitting suicide dives/topes. We go to break with our four heroes on the ringside floor as the villainous New Day & Street Profits stand tall in the ring. Totally not an 8 man tag coming up next.

The New Day & the Street Profits vs. Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

We return from break and are told that Adam Pearce sanctioned this match before the break. Ziggler starts off in the ring with Ford. Hang in there with me as this is gonna get chaotic! Ford drops Ziggler down with a back drop. Ford covers Dawkins who takes ZIggler down with two strong shoulder thrusts and attempts a cover. Ziggler escapes and tags in Roode. Dawkins hits a dropkick to ground Roode, and tags in Kofi. Kofi sends Roode off the ropes, firing off the opposite ropes, ducking under then catching Roode on the rebound with a cross body. Michael Cole and Corey Graves both compliment Kofi for not losing a step in all these years. Kofi tags in Xavier Woods, who takes down Roode. He pulls Roode up and attempts an arm lock but Roode bounces Woods off the ropes and floors him with an elbow. Roode tags in King Corbin, who pummels Woods in the corner. They move to the middle of the ring, and Woods fires back with a series of chops. Xavier goes for the Honor Roll but Corbin reverses it into a Deep Six, getting a close two! Woods is crawling towards his corner but Corbin pulls him up to his knees and hammers right elbows down on Woods’ shoulder and arm, taunting Woods’ teammates.

Corbin keeps Woods away until Woods counters an attempted hold, rolling through and making the hot tag to Montez Ford. Ford comes in habanero hot, taking Corbin down and hitting a standing moonsault. It gets a little chaotic as Roode attempts to come in. Kofi runs over and in the scuffle, accidentally hits Montez Ford down. Angelo Dawkins enters the ring, yelling at Kofi for striking his partner as we go to commercials.

We’re back from break and Ziggler’s laying on top of Montez Ford, a headlock in place. Both get to their feet but Ziggler keeps the headlock on. Ford extends his arm as far as he can in an effort to tag out, but Ziggler takes Ford to the heel corner. Corbin’s tagged in. Ford tries to fight out of the corner. Corbin goes for a running kick but Ford hops up and out of the way, then dives off the top rope. Corbin catches him in midair and twists it into a powerslam, getting a close two. Corbin sends Ford back to the heel corner and tags Ziggler in again. Ford lunges forward with a desperate right hand, flooring Ziggler for a moment. Ford with two more powerful blows to Ziggler, but Ziggler manages to send Ford back into the heel corner. Ford escapes and hits a step up enziguri to take Ziggler down again and gain separation. Ford tags in Kofi as Ziggler tags in Roode. Kofi takes down Roode, attacks Corbin on the apron, hits the Boom Drop on Roode. Kofi sets up for the Trouble in Paradise but Roode ducks and goes for the Glorious DDT. Kofi escapes and is sent into the ropes; Roode doesn’t see Kofi tag Woods, and Woods attacks Roode from behind, getting a very close two count. Woods paces, and Dawkins tags himself in. They argue briefly. Roode takes down both men, hitting a huge spinebuster on Dawkins. Roode tags in Sami Zayn, who’s not been in all night. Sami is upset about coming in. Dawkins tags Sami down, then tags in Ford who does his absolutely insanely high frog splash, hanging on for the cover and picking up the win!

Winners: The Street Profits & The New Day

Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn

After the announcers plug tonight’s matches, we cut to the back. Daniel Bryan has a new, short hair cut. Before the interview can even begin, Zayn cuts through the back. He’s pissed about having to have been in the match, and yells at Daniel Bryan. Bryan pulls a mask up over his face as Zayn yells at him, then shoves Sami so hard that the IC champ tumbles backwards. Sami hops up and yells repeatedly that he never forgets and implies he’ll get payback on Daniel Bryan someday. Daniel turns to Kayla as Sami storms off, and says he believes in social distancing. While standing two feet from Kayla. And pulling his mask down. We head off to commercials.

After commercials, Kayla Braxton and Daniel Bryan are back, this time in the little mock up ring in the back. She compliments his hairdo then points to a huge curved plasma screen by the mini-ring mockup which shows the attack Daniel Bryan suffered three weeks ago at the hands of Jey Uso. Jey Uso put Daniel Bryan on the top of the announcer’s table at one point that night, hitting an Uso Splash from the top rope to the outside. We then see Daniel Bryan being attacked while on a gurney. Kayla asks Bryan about that, and if he thinks it’s wise to face Jey Uso again. Daniel says that Jey Uso told him that night it was nothing personal, so Daniel didn’t take offense as he knows Jey has a devil on his shoulder (Roman). Bryan says everyone has a little angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. He then loudly rants about his kids and being in the hospital, then says he’s ready for tonight.

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Otis, Chad Gable, Natalya

Adam Pearce is talking to someone off camera, telling them that they’re an asset and they’ll be the perfect addition to team Smackdown, and that the guys in the back see him as a leader. The camera turns and it’s Otis! Adam Pearce appoints Otis to Team Smackdown as its fifth and final member. Chad Gable comes up and congratulates Otis, and they both admit the “Alpha” playbook is working.

They walk off excitedly as Nattie walks up angrily, demanding to be appointed as the fifth woman on Team Smackdown as Adam Pearce has appointed Bayley to the team as its fourth member. He tells her she’s got to earn her shot and her match is up next–after these commercials!

Backstage: Seth Rollins

Seth tells Murphy that Seth is responsible for every good thing Murphy has in his life–his burgeoning career, his bright future, even his beautiful girlfriend. He asks Murphy to remember that if it weren’t for Rollins and the Greater Good, Murphy would never have even met Aalyah. And what does Rollins get in return? Stabbed in the back, set up, and betrayed, that’s what. He says he’ll no longer suffer for Murphy’s mistakes, and Murphy will be taught a final lesson tonight, and Murphy will go back to being what he was before Rollins saved him…”nothing, no one.”

Team Smackdown Survivor Series Qualifying Match
Natalya vs. Tamina

Bianca Belair is a guest on commentary. Bayley’s music plays and she comes out before this match starts. Bayley joins commentary as Natalya and Tamina begin their match. Natalya is sent outside and Tamina sends her into the steel steps. Tamina takes Natalya back in and attempts a cover. Tamina goes for a suplex but Nattie wiggles out of it and wraps up Tamina from behind. Tamina runs backwards and into the corner as the Riott Squad watch on a backstage monitor. Bayley keeps referring to herself as Captain Bayley, and says its “captain time.” I just report it, folks. Nattie escapes. Tamina and Nattie slow down for a moment until Nattie slips Tamina off her feet and locks in a Sharpshooter. Tamina quickly taps to end a forgettable, short match.

Winner: Natalya

Bayley gets in the ring. Nattie hugs her, excited to be on the team. Bayley persuades Bianca to get off the commentary team and join her in the ring. The Riott Squad make their way out, and Women’s Team Smackdown stands proud: team captain Bayley, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Natalya, and Bianca Belair.

In-Ring Contract Signing: Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre makes his way out first, wearing dress clothes and carrying his title. After a commercial break, we see the ring is set up with a table and two black office chairs. Drew’s seated in the ring, his title on the table before him. Roman’s music plays and it’s time for the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, the Big Dog, the Universal Champion…who doesn’t come out for about a minute. Finally he comes out with Paul, walking slower than my grandmother with a broken him. After roughly four and a half minutes, he finally makes it to the ring (I’m not exaggerating) and sits at the head of the table as Adam Pearce sits opposite Drew.

Adam explains why they’re all there. Roman tells Drew that he’s proud of Drew, and he knew Drew could do it (win the title back). He says that Paul Heyman told Roman years ago that Drew was the right guy, in the right place…at the wrong time. Drew says he knows that Roman’s trying to antagonize him into attacking Roman, but Drew’s got their match Sunday. He says he could talk about Roman, or the business, but he’s going to get straight to the point. Drew told Roman last week that Drew would win the title, and he did on Monday. Not for Roman but for himself. He says he’s here to sign the contract and make this match official, and that’s what he’s going to do–and he signs it.

He folds the folio and hands it to Roman, telling him it’s Roman’s turn, Roman’s move. Roman grabs it but Drew refuses to let go. Drew says if he can give a piece of advice to Roman, it’s to please underestimate Drew. Drew suggests use the next two days to prepare for war. Roman smirks and goes to sign the contract…but doesn’t want to use the pen Drew touched, so Heyman hands Roman a new pen. Roman says that the special counsel (Heyman) advises the Tribal Chief, and Smackdown is Roman’s show, so Roman gives out the advice. He’s going to let Drew sit under the learning tree and teach him one last lesson. Because at Survivor Series, Drew won’t like it. Drew won’t understand the brutal truth, Roman says, but someday he will realize that he (Drew) is the secondary title holder. He says Drew’s just a plug in, for whenever the WWE doesn’t want to use Roman, and basically takes credit for Drew’s WrestleMania success. Roman says to not make a mistake–Roman is the Champion, and the ruler of the WWE, the head of the table et cetera. Roman assures Drew that someday, McIntyre will have a chance to be at the head of the table. And when he does, he’s going to look back at tonight and thank Roman. Reigns says that McIntyre will one day look in the mirror and see the man he has always wanted to be, and he’ll thank Roman and love him for the lessons that Roman taught him, and Roman’s gonna love him right back (he said it, I type it). Roman then smirks and tells Drew “you’ll always be my favorite number two.” Reigns stands up and has Heyman pick up Reigns’ belt and hand it to him as the digital audience boos and chants “you suck” over and over. Drew stands and stares daggers at Roman as he heads up the ramp.

Seth Rollins vs. Murphy

Rollins comes out first and we head to commercials. When we return, Murphy comes out, escorted by the Mysterio Family. Michael Cole says Murphy is Seth’s Judas. Rollins is not happy that the Mysterio family are at ringside. Rollins attacks Murphy, being more aggressive than normal from the start. He beats Murphy inside the ring and at ringside, then takes the action back into the ring. Rollins yells at the Mysterio family, telling them to come get a piece of this. He ties Murphy up in the ropes, just like the Mysterio family did to Murphy weeks ago. Rollins heads outside and gets a Kendo stick. He tries to get in the ring but Rey Mysterio grabs the Kendo. Rollins attacks Rey and sends him into the announcer’s table. Seth sends Dominick into the barricade and stomps a hole in the youngster until Murphy escapes the ropes and slides out, taking the fight to Seth! Rollins and Murphy go back in the ring. Murphy heads up top but Rollins pops up and shoves Murphy hard, sending him flying off the top and crashing ribs-first onto the barricade. Murphy sells it, rolling around at ringside as Rollins comes out and laughs and the ref counts to four. We head to break.

Back from the break. Rollins is still firmly in control and stomps Murphy on the mat. Murphy attempts to run out of the corner, but Rollins catches him with a back elbow. Rollins counters another Murphy maneuver and hits a Sling Blade for a two count. Aaliyah slaps the mat, yelling encouragement to Murphy. Rollins drags Murphy into the corner near the Mysterio family and climbs on the middle rope. He takes the time to mouth off to the Mysterio family, allowing Murphy to slip out from behind and hit a kick. Rollins is more fresh than Murphy and gets up fast. Murphy dodges Rollins and sends Rollins outside, then hits a suicide dive on Rollins! Rollins gets back in the ring and attempts to catch Murphy as he climbs on the apron. Murphy hits a step-up kick to the back of Seth’s head and tries to go up top. Rollins pops up and runs up the corner. Both men struggle for a moment, but Rollins hits the superplex into a Falcon Arrow combo for a close two! Murphy slowly gets to the apron and Rollins pursues.

They lock up on the apron as Rollins attempts to suplex Murphy, but Murphy blocks it. Rollins yells “c’mon Murphy!” They begin to exchange right fists. Murphy with a gut kick that stuns Rollins, then runs along the apron and hits a kitchen sink knee strike! Rollins lands hard on the apron as Murphy spills to the outside. Murphy is exhausted and is slow to get into the ring. Rollins, more fresh, gets up quick and hits the Stomp as Murphy is climbing through the middle ropes! Rollins covers but Murphy gets a foot up right at three to save the match! Rollins is frustrated, but takes too much time gloating to the Mysterio family. Murphy with a big knee that stuns Rollins. Rollins reels as Murphy hits a second running knee, then hits Murphy’s Law! Murphy covers and picks up the win!

Winner: Murphy

The Mysterio family surrounds Murphy and congratulates him.

In-Ring: Sasha Banks, Asuka, Carmella

We return from the break and Sasha Banks and Michael Cole are in the ring. Cole talks about their rivalry and points out that Sasha took Asuka’s Raw title, to which Sasha replies “Ya damn right I did!” Asuka yells something in Japanese, ending with “you’re not the boss of me!” Cole tells Banks that she interrupted him, and goes on to point out that Asuka defeated Banks to win her title back. Banks says Michael’s forgotten its “Boss Time.” She and Asuka exchange words, with Asuka mostly speaking Japanese, and they both laugh. Banks says it won’t be funny when Banks locks the Bank Statement on Asuka and makes her tap out. Banks claims she’s the best of the best. Asuka puts her hand in her face and exclaims, “you can’t see me!” Banks tells Asuka if she’s going to keep running her mouth, they don’t have to wait ’til Sunday and can handle it right now. Asuka just stares at her. Banks says “that’s what I thought!” She says that as the blueprint of the women’s division, she knows the best of the best is herself. Asuka says “Yeah? But you are not ready for Asuka!” Banks replies “the Boss was born ready!” and drops her mic.

Carmella attacks Banks from out of nowhere, wearing her new red vinyl ring gear. Carmella beats Banks on the mat then locks her in the Tree of Woe position in the corner. Carmella stomps away at Banks. Asuka just stands there the entire time, watching. Carmella yells that she told Banks to watch her back, then superkicks Banks (still in the Tree of Woe) and yells again that she told Banks to watch her back. Carmella heads up the ramp, laughing, as Asuka still stands over the fallen Banks, no fucks given.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Kayla asks Jey if he has permission to talk to him tonight. Jey tells her she’s got jokes, but says he’s got permission to talk. He says it’s nothing personal (what he’ll do to Daniel Bryan) but he’s going to show the world what he can do. We go to commercials.

Bryan came out to the ring as we went to commercial. We return and Jey Uso makes his way out. We’re reminded of the team SD/Raw rosters, as Jey is on the Smackdown roster. He finally gets into the ring and we get things under way.

Uso starts off fast, taking Bryan down and stomping him. He whips Bryan into the ropes, but Bryan rebounds and locks in a hold that drops Uso to his knees. Bryan utilizes his technical skills and locks in a toehold submission. Bryan delivers some hard kicks to a downed Uso and hits a leaping knee drop. Uso takes control and drops Bryan, then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a back elbow on the rebound. Bryan holds his side as Uso stands over him and yells “this is not personal!” Uso takes it outside and slings Bryan into the steel steps. Uso clears off the announcer’s table and paces. Bryan comes up from his blindside and strikes Uso, then takes Jey back into the ring. Bryan climbs the ropes and hits a textbook dropkick that takes Uso down. Bryan follows Uso into the corner and throws fists and kicks, pummeling Jey Uso down. Uso fights back with a big uppercut, but Bryan follows that up with a big European uppercut. Uso with a kick to Bryan and charges Bryan, but Bryan flips Uso over the top rope. Bryan hits a suicide dive that flattens Uso. Both men brawl at the announce table. Bryan with fists. Uso shoves Bryan back against the barricade. Bryan immediately runs back, but Uso back drops Bryan–right through the announcer’s table! We go to break!

We’re back from break and Uso is standing over a downed Bryan. Uso stomps him hard. We can see some light markings on Bryan’s back from going through the table. Uso mounts Bryan and pummels him with rights. Uso again yells “it ain’t nothing personal, nothing personal” as the digital crowd chants “you suck!” Uso scoop slams Bryan and huffs and puffs as he stands over Bryan, again yelling that it’s not personal. He punches Bryan; says its not personal; clubs Bryan in the corner; says its not personal; gut punches him, then knife edge chops him. “It wasn’t supposed to be like that, Dee Bee, you were in the wrong place!” Jey headbutts Bryan. Bryan stumbles out of the corner. Uso picks up Bryan and hits a back breaker, focusing his attacks on the kidneys, per Michael Cole. He continues repeating like a scratched record then goes for a big right as Bryan’s standing on the apron. Bryan blocks it and fires back with his own rights. Bryan runs up the turnbuckles but is slow moving, and Uso runs over to smack him. Uso climbs up top and hits the superplex on Bryan, covering for a two.

Uso approaches Bryan, but Bryan rolls him up for a close two. Uso’s upset but Bryan gives him no time and locks in the Yes-Lock! Uso escapes and rolls Bryan to his back, then repeatedly blasts Bryan in the kidneys with his right knee as the digital crowd boos loudly. Corey Graves asks Michael Cole if he’s beginning to understand why Jey Uso must do this. I think Graves wants to say Uso’s doing it for the greater good. Uso takes his time, rear climbing the turnbuckles. Bryan is up and runs over to club him. Bryan climbs up behind Jey Uso and hits a middle rope back drop suplex. Bryan begins to Hulk up, gets to his feet and delivers the Yes Kicks as the ThunderDome gets with the program. Bryan covers but only gets a two!

Daniel hammers Uso with more kicks and strikes. Bryan posts up in the corner, doing his “Yes!” chants and getting ready! Bryan charges Uso but Uso catches him with a superkick! Uso pound away at Bryan and climbs up. Uso flies through the air, going for the Uso Splash, but Bryan gets his knees up and gets a small package! Bryan steals a victory from the jaws of defeat!

Winner: Daniel Bryan