WWE SmackDown Results – Nov. 27, 2020 – Zayn vs. Bryan, Owens vs. Uso

Results by Mike Hogan – Rajah.com

November 27, 2020
Orlando, FL – Amway Center
Commentary: Michael Cole & Corey Graves

Quick Match Results:

  1. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated The Street Profits via Roll-Up (pinfall)
  2. Sami Zayn defeated Daniel Bryan via Countout
  3. Bianca Belair defeated Natalya via Roll-Up (pinfall)
  4. Murphy defeated King Corbin via Jumping Knee Strike (pinfall)
  5. Kevin Owens defeated Jey Uso via Disqualification

In-Ring: Jey Uso, Roman Reigns

Cole and Graves plug that Team Smackdown was swept by Team Raw as “Main Event Uso” Jey Uso comes out (their name, not mine). Jey tells us that at Survivor Series, everyone was talking about the Undertaker. He says that we should be talking about Roman Reigns instead, and plugs Roman’s defeating Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series. He states that Drew beat Orton, he beat Brock, but he couldn’t be Jey’s cousin. He then wants to call out the Head of the Table, the Best of the Best, and out comes Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman. Reigns has a new “Head of the Table” tee he’s showing off. Feel free to grill a burger or something while Reigns takes 27 minutes to get to the ring. Three or four minutes later, Roman’s made his way to the ring, enters, shows off his title as Paul Heyman enviously stares at Roman’s real pony tail, and finally Heyman takes the mic from Jey Uso and gives it to Roman Reigns. Roman says “play it.” We get a quick video package showing Team Raw sweeping Team Smackdown, and Roman chastising Jey–telling Jey he doesn’t have time for losers, and to go find his brother. We then see clips from the main event, in which Drew McIntyre took on Roman Reigns and Reigns proved victorious thanks to some help from Jey Uso.

Back in the ring, as the digital audience heavily boos, Roman stares into his mic and ponders his next words. “After your Survivor Series match…I told you to leave, but you didn’t. Did I ever tell you I needed help with Drew McIntyre? No, I didn’t. Let me ask you this: why do you think you and my team, Team Smackdown, lost at Survivor Series? They wouldn’t listen. Now, why do you think they wouldn’t listen? They wouldn’t listen because they don’t fear you. They don’t fear you because they don’t respect you and like I’ve said before, if they don’t respect you…they don’t respect us. And if they don’t respect us, then who are we? Who are we? If I’m not the head of the table, then you must think I’m some wanna-be-bitch in the locker room begging for Thanksgiving leftovers. Is that who I am? If that’s who I am then who are you? …How does our entire family look at you? …Do you look at me like I’m some bitch in the locker room, begging for leftovers? Is that who I am to you? Is that how you feel about me? Because that is how you’re making me feel through your failures. And I don’t like the way you’re making me feel.” Roman drops the mic and heads out the ring, but not before angrily glaring at Jey Uso. Roman leaves up the ramp and Jey takes his time leaving, frustrated for being chewed out. Out comes Otis for our first match!

Otis vs. King Corbin

Otis gets down the ramp when Jey Uso attacks Otis with a steel chair, hitting him twice to knock him down. Uso beats Otis with the chair again, again, five times before using the chair to choke Otis. Uso tosses the chair aside and gets the chair, says something like “you wanna get that money?…(here’s) your damn money!” Uso then uses the chair to strike Otis twice more as a ref comes out to shield Otis and we head to break!

When we return from the break we’re told that Otis cannot compete currently, and we’re unsure if we’ll get to this match. We progress with our show.

Winner: None via No Contest.

In-Ring: Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Street Profits

Roode & Ziggler make their way down to the ring, making fun of Otis. They get in the ring and say “DZ and Roode are up…and we want the tag team championships!” Out come the Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits! It rains solo cups as they get on the break. Montez Ford says that they’ve got a lot to be thankful for, as the Street Profits took on the New Day at Survivor Series and “took the torch.” Montez Ford says tonight they’re taking on Robert Roode and…”HBK?” Dawkins has to correct Ford that it’s Dolph Ziggler, he just likes to dress up like HBK. Dawkins then makes fun of Roode, claiming that the bearded Roode can’t grow a ‘stache on his upper lip. Both teams set up for our match.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs. Street Profits

This is a non-title match. Dawkins and Ziggler start. Dawkins immediately tags in Montez Ford and they hit a double team move. Ford tags in Dawkins and, again, they hit another double team maneuver. Dolph attempts some offense, sending Dawkins outside. Dolph goes for a dive through the ropes but Dawkins throws a fist, punching him hard and stopping his momentum. Roode comes around and yanks Dawkins off the apron as Ford goes up top. Ziggler counters Ford and we go to break.

Back from the break finds Montez Ford at the mercy of Robert Roode. Roode slows the speedy, agile champion and locks in an abdominal stretch. Roode throws his free hand as a claw straight to the ribs of Ford, taking advantage of the injured ribs. Roode tags in Ziggler. Ziggler hits a Famouser right out the gate and covers Ford, but Dawkins breaks it up. As the ref is distracted by Dawkins, Roode goes for the eyes of Ford after he’s sent into the corner by Ziggler. Ford tries to fight out of it, throwing a back elbow to Roode and a punch to Ziggler. Ziggler catches him. Both men go down, and both men make hot tags to their partners. Dawkins comes in hot, hitting multiple running clotheslines followed up by a leaping elbow drop, a face plant on Roode. Dawkins splashes Roode in one corner, then runs across the ring and splashes Ziggler. Dawkins his that new spinning neck breaker move (that he debuted at Survivor Series) to take down Roode. Dawkins tags in Ford, who goes soaring through the sky and hits the frog splash! He covers and gets a close two, but Ziggler makes the save. Ford hits an enziguri to knock Ziggler out of the ring. Roode rolls up Montez Ford from behind, stealing the win in glorious fashion! Ford is stunned.

Winner: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan

After a brief video package showing Sami Zayn as the Intercontinental Champion, we get to the interview. Daniel Bryan is asked about his upcoming match with Zayn. Bryan tells us that Zayn is delusional and paranoid, and Bryan reminds us that he wants the Intercontinental Championship defended frequently. Daniel says that Sami isn’t right–not everyone is coming for him. Daniel’s just coming for his Intercontinental Championship and, after he beats Sami tonight, he’ll be one step closer. We head to break.

Backstage: Rey Mysterio, Dominik, Aalyah, Murphy, King Corbin

Kayla welcomes the Mysterios + Murphy and asks Rey how it feels to be rid of Seth. Rey says that he’s thankful for so much–he’s seen his son’s career take off, and his daughter Aalyah is turning into a woman, and Murphy finally realized the piece of garbage Seth Rollins is. King Corbin comes out and talks trash to Rey and Murphy, disrespecting his “subjects.” Michael Cole informs us that Corbin’s match with Otis tonight is still up in the air.

Video Package: The Undertaker

We get a semi-comprehensive video package showcasing the farewell to the Undertaker from this past Sunday’s Survivor Series. Several WWE alumni were present, backstage as well, to say goodbye to a true icon. The video will be up on WWE.com and YouTube later tonight! And yes, it still has the Metallica song they licensed from WrestleMania 36 and yes, I’m gonna complain that if you’re gonna pay Metallica, pay for a better song. Moving on.

Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan

After more time is burned by the commentary team, we finally get our next match–with Sami coming out as we go to commercial. When we return from the break, Sami’s already on the mic, yelling at the digital audience and criticizing people for having Thanksgiving when others are starving, so Sami doesn’t feel thankful for anything. He says that Daniel Bryan should feel thankful for getting a match against Sami. Zayn points out that he already defeated Bryan (in a triple threat match months ago) and says that the WWE Management is rolling out the carpet an doing anything to make Bryan happy. Daniel Bryan’s music cuts him off as he makes his way out and we get ready for our match!

Zayn and Bryan lock up. Bryan takes control, and Zayn’s sent down to the mat. Zayn tells the ref that Bryan stepped on Zayn’s hair. Bryan pulls Zayn into a side headlock and sends Zayn down. Zayn again ducks out to the apron and takes his time getting in. Both men extend hands, looking for a test of strength but instead they go to grapple each other. Bryan sends Zayn down and locks in a calf lock, then slides up Zayn’s body to lock in a rear arm lock. Zayn gets to his feet and attempts to gain separation, but Daniel Bryan catches him with a beautifully executed dropkick and covers for a close two. Sami Zayn gets to his feet and throws Bryan out of the ring. The ref begins to count as Bryan gets to his feet. Bryan knows Zayn’s awaiting to attack him when he gets back in, and Bryan attempts to slide in fast–but Zayn catches him, stomps him, and sends Bryan back outside. This time, Zayn follows Bryan and throws him into the barricade before sending Bryan back to the ring. Sami Zayn climbs to the top rope, but Daniel Bryan runs up and hits a quick shot. Both men deliver a shot each before Zayn sends Bryan down to the ring. Bryan runs back and shoves Zayn off the top turnbuckle, landing outside! Bryan attempts to take advantage of this and dives out the ring–but Zayn moves and Bryan crashes hard! We head to break.

When we return Zayn has Bryan in the corner, wailing away with right fists. Zayn takes Bryan down and attempts a pin, but Bryan kicks out. Zayn does this twice more in rapid succession. Zayn lets Bryan up in the corner and whips him across the ring, slowly chasing him. Bryan runs up the turnbuckles and flips back over Zayn. Bryan hits the running leaping knee strike to Zayn in the corner. Bryan climbs up, taking Zayn up to and flips back, sending Zayn flying across the ring. Zayn and Bryan lock up in the ring. Bryan sends Zayn through the ropes and comes after him, with both men on the apron. Zayn shoves Bryan face-first into the ring post, then hits a brain buster on the apron as Zayn leaps off! Zayn rolls in the ring as the ref’s count hits six. Bryan barely moves at seven, gets to his feet at nine and barely slides in! As soon as he does, Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two! Graves asks Cole if he knows why its called the Blue Thunder Bomb, and Cole says he doesn’t, so Graves tells Cole to “do your job, you’re a journalist. Zayn takes a breather in frustration for a moment. Zayn and Bryan collide and Bryan locks an arm lock on Zayn, then attempts to convert it into a crossface/Lebell lock. Zayn escapes to the outside. Daniel Bryan hits a suicide dive to Zayn! Zayn tries to crawl/stumble to the ramp, and again Daniel Bryan hits another suicide dive! Zayn flees up the ramp and Bryan chases as the ref begins to count out. Miraculously, Zayn makes it back down the ramp and into the ring to pickup the win!

Winner: Sami Zayn via Countout.

We immediately cut to the back and see Jey Uso on top of Daniel Bryan, beating him senseless until an official and Kevin Owens show up to send him away. Owens tells the ref to tend to Bryan as KO’s “going where he’s (Jey) going.” KO heads out the curtain as we head to commercial.

Backstage: Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, Roman Reigns

When we return, Kevin Owens is talking to Uso and Reigns. Owens tells them both that he’s tired of their family drama interfering with the show, and he wants it to stop. KO walks off. Reigns tells Jey that Roman wants his (Roman’s) sons to look at him with pride. And Kevin Owens doesn’t look at Roman with fear. “Fix that,” he orders Uso, and we go to the ring.

Natalya vs. Bianca Belair

Nattie Neidhart is already in the ring as the EST of NXT the WWE comes out. Before they start, Bayley comes out, rubbing her hands together and telling Bianca that she wants to see the “best of the best.” Graves exclaims “guess what, Cole? She’s coming our way!” Bayley throws something at Michael Cole then joins the commentary team, telling Michael Cole “you’re welcome” twice. The bell rings. Bianca Belair immediately attempts to cover Natalya. Bianca sends Nattie into the corner then tries for a running shoulder thrust. Natalya moves and Biance goes straight into the ring post. On commentary, Bayley blames Belair for ruining their Survivor Series match by being count out. Natalya, in the ring, hits a suplex. She slows the pace. She attempts another suplex, but Belair blocks it with a leg and takes down Natalya. Natalya recovers fast and sends Bianca into the mat.

Natalya hits a beautiful submission but Belair gets out of it. Natalya tries to keep the pace slow, using her technical prowess to keep Bianca down. Belair, however, has other plans and uses her power to dump Natalya out of the ring. Bianca heads out and exchanges words with Bayley; Bayley warns her not to get counted out again. Natalya attempts to take advantage of the distraction and takes Bianca into the ring. Bayley gets on the apron, attempting to distract the EST, but Bianca clubs Bayley off and rolls Natalya up for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall.

Backstage: Paul Heyman, Adam Pearce

We see them talking in the back, and Michael Cole wishes we could hear them, which we may have been able to if he would shut up.

Murphy vs. King Corbin

Murphy’s music plays and he comes out with Rey Mysterio, Dominick Mysterio, and Aaliyah Mysterio in tow as we go to commercial. When we return, King Baron makes his way down to the ring, scepter in hand. We’re told by Cole that Murphy’s defending the Mysterio family’s honor. Cole tells us that Otis was supposed to take on Corbin, but Uso took him out before the match could begin. Hence, Murphy vs Corbin. We ready up in the ring.

Corbin and Murphy lock up with a side headlock, and Corbin sends Murphy into the ropes and knocks him down hard. Rey hops up on the apron to distract Corbin. Murphy tries to roll up Corbin, then delivers a few kicks and punches before Corbin takes him down. Again, Rey Mysterio gets up on the apron. Corbin yells at him, “what are you doing?” Corbin pulls Murphy up and strong Irish whips him into the corner. Corbin runs and slides outside, setting up his Misdirection Clothesline, but Aaliyah stands in his way. He yells “what’s going on, what are you doing?” Murphy comes flying out the ring but Corbin catches him. Corbin throws Murphy at the steps and charges in, but Murphy sidesteps. Both men return to the ring and Murphy attempts to go off the top. Corbin counters and sends Murphy into the ropes, then hits the Deep Six! Corbin goes to pin when Mysterio, again, gets on the apron. Corbin yells at the Mysterios, frustrated with their constant interference. Even Cole agrees with Graves at this point that the odds are against Corbin.

Corbin hits fists on Murphy when Dominick gets on the apron this time. Corbin complains to the ref, asking him to do his job. Murphy uses the distraction to attempt an attack. Corbin blocks but again a Mysterio gets on the apron to distract Corbin. Murphy slams Corbin down and covers. Corbin’s foot is on the rope, but as the ref counts, Dominick throws Corbin’s leg off the bottom rope so the ref doesn’t see it and Murphy picks up the win.

Winner: Murphy via Pinfall.

Corbin gets on the mic and is frustrated, claiming this was a four-on-one. Corbin demands a rematch with Murphy next week and promises to be prepared for them all. Cole informs us that Adam Pearce has made a match between Kevin Owens and Jey Uso for tonight. We go to break.

Backstage: Big E, Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn

We return with the segment under way. Zayn brags about defeating future hall-of-famer Daniel Bryan. He and Big E exchange words as Kayla Braxton stands awkwardly behind them in the mock ring that they use for interviews. The cameraman tries to reposition to keep Kayla hidden behind Big E. Zayn and Big E agree that ten seconds is a long time, as Zayn won by count out. During this, Big E grabs Zayn’s hand and squeezes it hard, refusing to let go, as he slow counts to ten. He laughs and walks off. Kayla starts to ask Sami about an interview and he angrily blows her off.

Ringside: Billie Kay

Billie Kay shows up, sitting between Cole and Graves, and hands them each 8×10 headshots. She’s been trying to give them to people for weeks.

Backstage: Carmella, Sasha Banks

Carmella talks about sneak attacking Sasha Banks, and we get a few clips of her doing just that. Carmella says she gets what she wants and reaches her hand off camera, snapping her fingers as he smiles at the camera. We see a hand wearing “boss” rings go to hand her the glass of champagne, until it’s thrown in her face. Sasha Banks attacks Carmella, finally tired of all the attacks she’s suffered at the hands of Carmella! We cut to commercial with our main event up next.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

Kevin Owens came out first, just as we went to commercial. When we return, we’re reminded that Talking Smack is on the free version of the WWE Network. Out next comes Jey Uso, sulking his way down to the ring.

The bell rings and both competitors get straight to it. They exchange fists, but Owens takes early control, punching Uso around the ring. Owens sends Uso into the ropes, but Uso grabs them to put the brakes on and slides out the ring. Owens pursues, slams Uso and sends him back into the ring. Owens pounds away at Uso in the corner, and we see Reigns & Heyman watching from the back. KO and Uso go back outside. KO attempts to whip Uso, but Jey counters and sends Kevin into the steel steps. Owens rolls into the room and Uso climbs in. Cole tells us Jey is confused, but he looks really, really constipated. We see Reigns & Heyman again, watching the match, and Uso pounds away at Owens. Owens sits up against the ropes, holding his left shoulder. Uso drops down and uses the rope to apply pressure on Owens’ elbow as Uso tugs the arm up against the rope. KO gets to his feet. Both men with big rights, staggering each other. Uso hits hard and Owens falls back against the ropes and rebound with a big blow, dropping Uso! Uso heads outside, so KO follows. Uso back in the ring and goes for a suicide dive–but Owens catches him and bombs him down on the floor! Owens takes control of Uso. A superkick sends us to commercials!

We’re back from the break and Owens is, in the words of Cole, beating up Jey Uso! Owens covers for a two. Jey rolls to the apron. Uso comes back in and hits an arm breaker on KO. Uso stomps KO’s left elbow, then straightens KO’s arm and leaps up, dropping a knee on KO’s arm! Uso pulls Owens up into a seated position and locks in a left elbow lock as Reigns & Heyman watch. Uso is now firmly in control, and takes his time in the ring. He sits on the bottom rope in a corner and yells at Owens for putting his nose in their business. “Now I gotta getcha! Uce,” Jey exclaims before charging the corner. Owens moves out the way and Jey collides with the corner. Both men to their feet. Jey with a wild right haymaker but Owens delivers multiple chops. Owens is favoring his arm. Owens sends Jey to the ropes and tries for the pop-up powerbomb–he pops up Uso but didn’t have the strength to execute the move, and Uso escapes. Jey goes up top but KO comes in with a chop to stop Uso’s momentum. Owens climbs up and Uso begins headbutting Owens’ arm! Owens falls back. Uso goes for the Uso splash but Owens gets his knees up! KO attempts a cover but only gets two.

Uso and Owens back to their feet and Uso goes straight for the injured arm. Jey Uso climbs out the ring, grabs a steel chair, and comes in. Uso smacks Owens, causing the DQ.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Disqualification.

Uso nails Owens a few times with the chair, and walks around, yelling to himself. Owens hits a stunner! Jey Uso rolls to the outside. Owens throws Uso across the announce table and gets a chair of his own, smacking Jey twice. Owens yells into the camera, asking Roman if he’s watching–and stating that he’s been watching Reigns. Owens nails Uso a few more times with the chair. He yells back into the camera that this is Reigns’ family, and he viciously beats Uso with the chair several times. Owens addresses Roman via camera: “Roman, you got a problem with me? Come say it to my face!” He gets on top of the announcer’s table and yells for Roman to come find him, then yells “I’m the head of this table!” Owens gets down and takes Uso into the ring. “All for your family,” Owens yells before hitting another stunner! Owens goes to the announcer’s table and pulls a chair to its side. He smacks the table as he’s the “head of the table” and asks the camera “Where are you? I’ll be waiting.” We cut to the back where the camera does an extreme close-up of Roman’s face as he grimaces and we end our program.