WWE Reportedly in Talks for Partnership With Major League Wrestling

WWE is in talks with Major League Wrestling for a deal that would see some NXT developmental wrestlers appear on MLW TV, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This would be similar to WWE’s old deal with EVOLVE, where NXT wrestlers would appear on EVOLVE shows to get more experience. A deal with MLW would also help alleviate frustration from many people who are signed by WWE but are rarely used, especially since NXT has not run house shows during the pandemic, the Observer says.

WWE also shot a pilot for a new “NXT EVOLVE” show earlier this year, with the idea that it would air weekly on Peacock and feature some of WWE’s developmental wrestlers who don’t get much time on NXT’s TV show, but it’s unknown where that idea stands right now.

WWE also reportedly “doesn’t like the rep that it doesn’t work with anyone in the modern wrestling world,” the Observer says. “The idea is people see AEW having partnerships with New Japan, Impact and AAA and they want to make it look like WWE is not set in its old ways and uncooperative in he real world.”

Whether anything comes from the talks with MLW remains to be seen, but WWE now appears open to working with other promotions.