MLW: Former Lucha Underground’s Dario Cueto Makes Official Debut, Salina de la Renta Departure

This past Wednesday’s episode of MLW Fusion featured the official MLW debut of former Lucha Underground character Dario Cueto, real name Luis Fernandez-Gil. Cueto was revealed to be the mysterious “El Jefe” and leader of Aztec Underground.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Cueto recently signed a “long-term deal” with the company and the post-credit scene featuring his official debut was filmed in secret last month in Los Angeles, California. Johnson reported that only a select few people within the company were aware of the plans for Cueto’s debut or even knew of the segment being taped.

Johnson also reported that Selina de la Renta’s contract with the company recently expired and Renta had opted to not sign a new deal. Her “kidnapping” storyline involving Aztec Underground reportedly was MLW’s way of writing her out of the company.