WOW Reportedly Had Plans to Bring In La Rosa Negra for Storyline with Tessa Blanchard

As noted before, Women of Wrestling recently announced that they are currently in the process of reviving their promotion with new weekly episodes to air starting in September of 2022. Among those involved in the revival of WOW includes Tessa Blanchard, who has been involved in several controversies in recent years including allegations of bullying and using racial slurs towards other female wrestlers.

Fightful Select reported that besides WOW, other promotions had been very interested in signing both La Rosa Negra and Blanchard to deals. In regards to Negra, she was the person revealed to have been the victim of an alleged past incident with Blanchard that involved the use of racial slurs by Blanchard.

One of those promotions reportedly involved the National Wrestling Alliance, who had made a pitch to Blanchard as part of their talks this past Summer to get her and Negra together in private to settle their past real life issues. It was reported that it is currently not known if NWA’s pitch was ever received by Negra.

In regards to WOW, it was reported that sources close to Negra and former WOW employees stated that the company had contacted her for a potential deal with the company. As part of these talks, WOW officials had pitched storyline plans involving her and Blanchard being together on-screen in some capacity. These plans reportedly would have focused on their past real life issues and involve some sort of closure ranging from an “apology” to “easing tensions” between the two. Sources close to Negra stated that she was “insulted” by the offer given from WOW officials.