Bryan Danielson’s Leg Gets Stuck Between Ring and Ramp at Rampage Taping (Updated)

Bryan Danielson may have been injured in a freak incident during tonight’s AEW Rampage tapings after Dynamite when his leg got stuck between the ring and the elevated entrance ramp.

In the Rampage main event, Danielson & Jon Moxley defeated Dante Martin & Matt Sydal. After the match, there was a brawl involving Danielson, Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz and the Jericho Appreciation Society.

During the brawl, Danielson’s leg somehow got stuck and it apparently took about 10 minutes for him to be freed according to fans in attendance.

In a fan video, Danielson can be seen grimacing while people try to get him out.

Once he was finally freed, he was able to walk off on his own, but was limping. Officials tried to help him to the back, but he shoved them off, then jokingly flipped off Jon Moxley before hobbling to the back, which may be a good sign that it hopefully isn’t anything serious.

Update: Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he was “strongly given the impression that it was all a work from start to finish.”

“I think he just came up with a wacky idea and thought it would be funny,” Alvarez said. “I was told by someone there that they actually laughed about it.”

PWInsider also reported that Danielson was “OK” backstage, so whether it’s a work or not, it would appear that he’s not seriously injured.