NJPW Press Conference: Stardom Talent at NJPW America Events, NJPW x Stardom, Cheering, UK, More

New Japan Pro Wrestling held a Business Strategy Presentation press conference earlier today in Japan.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • NJPW President Takami Ohbari stated that NJPW will be holding an event in the United Kingdom this October.
  • Ohbari also stated that NJPW will also be holding a G1 Special event this year on August 20th in Roppongi Hills, Japan in conjunction with their television partner TV Ashai’s Summer Station event.
  • Bushiroad Chairman Takaaki Kidani stated that the upcoming NJPW x Stardom event on November 20th will feature two mixed tag team matches on the card. These matches were stated to be held under traditional mixed tag rules where men can only face off against men and women can only face off against women.
  • Ohbari stated that Stardom talent will be making appearances at their NJPW events in the United States going forward.
  • It was announced that fans will be allowed to verbally cheer at their events in Japan starting on September 5th and 6th with special cheering sections to be put in place for those shows in accordance with the current COVID-19 rules and restrictions in the country.
  • In terms of this year’s upcoming G1 Climax tournament, Ohbari stated that they have sold over 30,000 tickets so far and are currently expecting around 50,000 in ticket sales for the entire tournament.
  • Both Ohbari and Kidani stated that NJPW needs to change their approach towards their handling of their younger and older talent, specifically with the need for the roster to get younger and provide post-college age talent a way to enter the company. In regards to older talent, Ohbari stated that his goal is to create a path within the company to allow older talent to transition into backstage jobs after they retire from the ring.
  • In regards to Oceania, Ohbari stated that NJPW currently has plans to run an event in the region at some point in the future.
  • It was announced that the company is currently working on plans to launch NJPW-themed NFTs in the future.

Source: Fightful.com, F4WOnline.com