ROH Death Before Dishonor Results – July 24, 2022 – FTR vs. Briscoes

Results by Cory Strode of

Saturday, July 23, 2022
Lowell, MA – Tsongas Center
Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Quick Match Results

  1. Pre-Show: Colt Cabana defeated Anthony Henry via top rope moonsault (10:00)
  2. Pre-Show: The Trust Busters (Ari Davari & Slim J) defeated Cheeseburger & Eli Isom via frog splash by Daivari on Isom (5:30)
  3. Pre-Show: Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony defeated Blake Christian, Alex Zayne & Tony Deppen via Dominator by Gates of Agony on Deppen (11:35)
  4. Pre-Show: Willow Nightingale defeated Allysin Kay via powerbomb (7:50)
  5. ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli defeated Jonathan Gresham (c) via Ricola Bomb – New Champion (11:30)
  6. ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship: Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated The Righteous (c) via Bang-a-Rang by Castle on Bateman – New Champions (9:40)
  7. ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) defeated Daniel Garcia via reversal into a pinfall (15:55)
  8. Rush defeated Dragon Lee via Bull’s Horns (15:50)
  9. ROH Women’s World Championship: Mercedes Martinez (c) defeated Serena Deeb via Brass City Sleeper (17:20)
  10. ROH Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) defeated Jay Lethal via rear naked choke (12:20)
  11. ROH World Tag Team Championship Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match: FTR (c) defeated The Briscoe Brothers 2 falls to 1, winning the final fall via middle rope piledriver by Harwood on Jay Briscoe (43:25)

Colt Cabana vs. Anthony Henry

The code of honor is just barely adhered to, and Colt starts in with an arm bar. We get some chain wrestling into the ropes, and Colt and Henry trade wrist locks. Colt is able to take Henry down for a two count. They get up and go to the corner where Henry gets in chops. Colt is able to drop down and get a body scissors for a two count. Henry is able to get control and gets a head twist with his legs around Colt’s neck.

Henry then mounts and pounds Colt down. Colt is able to get a reversal and a two count, but Henry escapes and gets a thrust kick. He gets Colt on his stomach and gets a bow and arrow on Colt. Henry is forced to release the move and Henry goes at Colt with kicks. Henry is able to get a pile driver and covers for a two count.

Henry then gets a series of knee raises to Colt’s head. Henry then locks on a head twist. Colt is able to get to his feet and hits a back suplex on Henry. Colt gets a series of japs in and Colt is able to get the flip, flop, and fly after Henry dodges the first attempt. Colt thales over with blows and then gets the butt-butt in the corner. Colt gets a lariat for a two count snf Henry rolls to the outside. Colt follows him outside and stops JD Drake from interfering. Drake recovers and attacks Colt, and Henry is able to keep up the attack on the outside.

Henry tosses him into the ring and hits a frog splash for a two count. Henry tries for deadlifts, but Colt deadlifts and Colt is able to work into the billy goat’s curse submission. Drake gets on the top rope and Cotl breaks the hold to knock him down. Colt hits a moonsault from the top and covers Henry for a pin.

Winner: Colt Cabana (10:00)

Cheeseburger & Eli Isom vs. The Trust Busters (Ari Davari & Slim J)

Code of honor is adhered to. Cheeseburger and J start out. They lock up and go to the Buster’s corner where they double team Burger. They then run the ropes. J is able to get a head scissors takedown and a tags in Ari. They run the ropes and Burger is able to get a flying forearm and tags in Eli. He gets a subset flip for a two count. He follows with an arm drag and a two count.

J is tagged in and Eli gets a big boot, Burger tags in and allows Burger to get control. He gets an escalera, but J fights out and throws hands. He gets a wheelbarrow flatliner and Ari is tagged in and gets a two count. He then holds Burger down in a headlock. Burger gets up and fights out with a jaw breaker. Berger gets a sunset flip and tags in Eli who is able to fight off both members of the Busters. He egst a knee based jaw breaker and then a spinning slam for a two count.

Burger comes in and J gets a butterfly suplex and Burger is out. J is able to get a series of strikes, a high cross body, and Ari hits a frog splash for a pin and the win.

Winners: Trust Busters (5:30)

Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony vs. Blake Christian, Alex Zayne & Tony Deppen

Lexi is in the back and she is with Prince Nana who has bought Tully Blanchard Enterprises.

Code of honor is followed. Cage starts with Deppen, who charges into Cage and Deppen is able to escape Cage and runs the ropes, raining in kicks on Cage. Cage is able to grab him off the ropes and slams him. He whips Deppen to the corner and then drives him back with shoulders. Deppen is tossed onto the apron. Deppen gets a kick in before Cage tosses him in and then out of the corner.

Cage tags in Khan, who gets in a few chops and then Deppen is able to trip Khan into the ropes. Deppen tags Zayne in, who gets a series of elbows and then a guillotine leg drop. He puyts Khan on the top and keeps Lou from stopping him before flipping Khan off the top.

Khan goes to the outside and Zayne chases him, when he gets back into the ring, Lou just destroys him and keeps him down on the mat. Khan tags in and mounts Zayne for blows. He keeps Zayne in the corner for quick tags and strikes. Lou hits a stalled brain buster and Khan is tagged in again. Khan charges into an elbow from Zayne. Zayne goes to the top and Khan comes up and drops hits a side suplex on the side suplex on Zayne. Lou then attacks and puts Zayne up on the top for Cage to hit a brain buster from the top. Cage covers and it’s broken up by Deppen.

Zayne tries to get to his corner, and Cage hits a suplex on him to stop him. Zayne recovers while Cage is knocking people off the apron and Christian cleans house. Time for dives to the outside. Deppen gets a two count on Cage. The bell goes off and everyone gets a move in the ring. All six men are ion the ring and Gates of Agony get an air raid crash and They go to pick up Deppen, who is going nuts. He chops his way free until Cage gets a pop up power bomb. They hit Deppen with double knees and a Dominator, with Cage covering for the three.

Winners: Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony (11:35)

Allysin Kay vs. Willow Nightingale

Cody of honor is shown. They lock up and go into the ropes and then to the corners. They break and lock up again, and Willow slams Kay. Willow follows with a cross body for a two count. Willow gets an insigiri and then keeps working Kay in the corner. Kay is able to whip Willow out the corner and follows with an attack. Kay gets a two count. Kay tosses Willow to the corner and works Willow over. QWillver reverses and returns the favor. Kay gets a lariat and a two count.

Kay locks in an STF and Willow escapes. Willow is whipped to the corner, and then dodges, letting Kay charge into the ring post. Willow is able to get chops and a bulldog from behind. She then hits a BIG clothesline and both women are on the mat.

They whip each other into the corner and Willow hits a drop kick from the top for a two count. Willow tries for a babe breaker and Kay escapes. They go to the mat and attempt pins. Willow is able to drop onto Kay for a two count. Kay locks in a triangle choke, but Willow moves forward to get two count. Willow is able to get out and slam Kay. Willow goes for the Babe Breaker again and Kay goes deadweight. Kay is able to escape and get a reverse pile driver for a two count.

Willow and Kay both try to get the other up, but when they go to the ropes, Willow hits the Pounce. Willow charges to the corner for a cannonball and a power bomb and covers for the three.

Winner: Willow Nightingale (7:50)

ROH World Championship
Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Starting with the World title? We are then told that the tag team title matches will be the main event. William Regal joins commentary.

Claudio goes for the uppercut to start and Gresham dodges it. Gresham and Claudio start battling with a wrist lock. They break. They go for a greco roman knuckle lock and Claudio picks the legs and gets the big swing. Claudio goes for a pin and Gresham bridges out. Gresham goes to the apron and gets a dragon screw on Claudio. Claudio is able to block an Irish whip and reverses it on him. They do it again, and when they greek, Gresham is able to take Claudio down and then drop kicks his knees, keeping him down.

Gresham goes for a leg lock and the battle in the leg lock. Gresham tries for a figure four , and Claudio kicks him off. Gresham goes to the apron again and they battle in the ropes. Claudio is finally able to slam Gresham back into the ring for a two count. Gresham is able to attack in the corner again and then goes after Claudio’s knees. Gresham leaps at Claudio and Claudio snatches him from the air and hits a back breaker for a two count. Claudio gets another slam and a two count.

Claudio tries for the sharp shooter and Gresham is able to block it so Claudio hits a double stomp for a two count. Gresham goes back to attacking the knee. Gresham tries for a suplex, and Claudio backs him into the corner. Gresham is able to get a drop kick and an ankle lock. Claudio gets to the rope for a break. Gresham hits a series of chops. Gresham calls for a chop from Claudio, which is instead a pair of uppercuts. Gresham goes back to the knees, gets an enzuigiri.

Claudio is able to get Gresham up, but his knee gives out and Gresham gets a moonsault into an ankle lock. Gresham is then able to get a German and hold on for a two. He then goes for a series of quick two count. Claudio gets an upper cut, but Gresham gets out of a slam and then trade two counts.Claudio is able to get the hammer and anvil elbows, and as some foreign object falls from Gresham’s hands, Claudio gets the Ricola Bomb for the pin and the three.

Winner and NEW Ring of Honor Champion: Claudio Castagnoli (11:30)

ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship
The Righteous (c) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Code of honor is followed and The Boys have names now. Dalton And Vincent start and lock up into the corner. Vincent is able to take Dalton down with a side Russian leg sweep after they work in the corner. Dalton rolls to the outside and runs with The BOy and Dayton tags in and Dalton hits him with a t-bone suplex. Dalton tags in Brent who gets a double team for a two count. Brandon tags in and gets a double stomp. Dutch. tags in and double clothesline them down. Dutch then beats down Brent and then suplexes him over for a two count. He drags Brent to the corner and Vincent tags in. He attacks Brent in the corner and then suplexes him. Brent is brought to the corner of The Righteous and they work him over there.

Bateman gets Brent down and nails him with head butts. Brent gets up and Bateman hits him with strikes and drop him for a two count. Brent is able to get up and dodges an attack and Dalton is in and cleans house. Dalton ends it with a basement DDT on Bateman. He then suplexes Bateman out of the ring. Brandon hits a shoulder to the midsection of Dutch to keep him from getting in the ring. The boys then start their dives, tossed by Dalton over and over. A nice bit.

Brandon is tagged in and they pose. Vida distracts Dalton and The Boys and they get tossed out of the ring. Dutch hits a dive on The Boys. Bateman gets slammed by everyone as Vincent hits Death from Above, and Dalton breaks it up on the two. Dutch is out with a low bridge. Vincent hits a swinging neckbreaker on one of the Boys and Vincent dives on him. After some Dalton shenanigans and Dalton gets a suplex on Dutch.

Dalton gets the Bang-a-rang on Bateman and covers for the pin.

Winners and NEW Six Man Tag Champions: Dalton Castle and The Boys (9:40)

ROH Pure Championship
Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

The commentators go over the Pure Rules. William Regal joins commentary and we are introduced to the judges.

Garcia turns the handshake into a shoving match. They go to the match and struggle to get an advantage and then get up and break. Yuta gets a back slam on Garcia and then puts on a straightjacket hold. Yuta puts a foot in Garcia’s back and then Garcia is able to get up and reverse the hold. Yuta reverses it as well. Garcia head butts out of it and Yuta then locks in a front headlock. Garcia is able to get up and toss Yuta to the outside.

Garcia then tosses Yuta into the barricade. He tosses Yuta into the ring and covers for a series of one counts. Garcia gets a suplex and another one count. Yuta gets a double leg takedown for a two count, and then leaps up and hits Garcia for a two count.

Yuta gets an arm bar, holding both arms of Garcia and then strikes. He then transitions to a Boston Crab and sits on Garcia’s back. Yuta turns it into a stretch, Garcia reverses it and gets a two. Yuta gets a German suplex and holds on. They switch and Yuta turns it into a wrist lock. As the ref is distracted, Garcia bites Yuta.

Garcia shoves Yuta face first onto the mat. Yuta chops from his knees and is able to get up and Garcia drops him with the kick to the midsection. He then tosses Yuta into the corner head down. He repeats it in a different corner. Garcia delivers blows in the corner. He puts Yuta on the top and Yuta grabs Garcia’s ear and blubs him beside the head. He follows with a drop kick and both men are down.

Yuta gets an inverted atomic drop and an enzuigiri. Yuta gets a slam and kips up. Garcia gets a crab roll through for a two count. They take each other out with clotheslines. At 8 they are on their knees trading slaps. They work to their feet and keep slapping. Garcia drops. The ref counts 9 before Garcia is up and Yuta hits a suplex for a two.

Yuta locks on the hammer and anvil elbows. Garcia rolls through and does the same. Garcia locks on the rear naked choke. Yuta gets up and rolls through for a two count. Garcia hits a side suplex and Yuta answers it for a two count. Yuta puts on the crossface in a transition. Garcia reverses to a sharpshooter. Yuta is able to reverse it and Garcia reverses it into a Regal stretch. Yuta is able to break free and locks on a Boston Crab and Garcia has to use one of his rope breaks.

They then trade roll ups and Garcia gets a pile driver and a two count. Garcia is first up and tries to stomp Yuta’s head in and Yuta is able to reverse it and traps Garcia’s arms, holding on for the pin.

Winner and Still Pure Champion: Wheeler Yuta (15:55)

Garcia flips a bird instead of shaking hands.

Rush vs. Dragon Lee

They tie up and go to the ropes twice. They then go hold and counterhold on the mat with neither getting an advantage. Lee gets a headlock and keeps it as Rush tries to go to the ropes. They then go shoulder to shoulder and Rush pie faces Lee. Lee comes off the ropes and hits a series of kicks, and Rush hits a strike dropping Lee. He then pushes Lee to the corner and strikes him. Lee then reverses the next whip and is able to beat down Rush in the corner. Rush is able to come off the ropes with a shotgun drop kick and then leaps onto Lee on the floor. He then tosses Lee into the barricades.

Rush tosses Lee into the ring. He waits for Lee to get up and kicks him dismissively over and over. Rush charges to the corner, but stops short and gives another dismissive kick. He then slams Lee for a two count. The kicks become serious from Rush, but Lee is able to get a head scissors takeover and leaps to the outside onto Rush. He puts Rush on the timekeeper’s tackle and spears from the ring into Rush on the table.

Lee rolls Rush into the ring and hits a double stomp for a two count. He then puts Rush on his shoulders and flip him onto his knee. He then starts kicking Rush. Rush is up and they trade forearms. They then move to slaps. Lee hits a kick and Rush hits a strike. Lee gets a rip cord and then Lee charges into Rush. Both men are down.

They crawl to opposite corners. Lee charges and he’;s flipped up and over and Rush suplexes him into the ring for a two count. They then fight on the apron with Rush delivering kicks. They move to chops. They then trade kicks. Rush then suplexes Lee to the floor when Lee charges. Rush tosses Lee into the ring. Lee is able to recover and hits a Hurricanrana on Rush to the floor.

Both men are down and the ref counts to 19 before they get into the ring. They struggle to get up. They call for chops again and then Lee moves to kicks. Lee charges and Rush suplexes him into the corner. Rush hits a running drop kick in the corner and Lee kicks out at two. Rush pulls Lee up and puts him on the top. They fight on the top and Lee gets a double stomp for a one count. Lee hits a power bomb for a two count. Lee gets the incinerator for a two count.

Lee covers again and only gets a one. Rush gets a flying forearms and then Rush hits the Bull’s Horns (running drop kick) in the corner for the win.

Winner: Rush (15:50)

ROH Women’s World Championship
Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Serena Deeb

They adhere to the code of honor. They lock up and then break, moving to the greco roman knuckle lock. Martinez takes Deeb down and Deeb reverses. They trade holds on the mat. Martinez breaks it with a stomp on the arm and then grabs a head lock. They go back to mat wrestling and Deeb holds Martinez down with an arm bar with a knee on the head. They work to their feet and Martinez reverses it. Martinez hits a spine buster and then a drop kick in the corner. Deeb goes to the floor and Martinez follows her and they brawl on the floor.

They move to fighting on the apron and Deeb hits a spear on Martinez hurting her own shoulder. Deeb is back in the ring and they fight in the corner until Deeb plants Martinex from a dragon sleeper in the corner. Deeb goes for a back slide, but Martinez is able to reverse it and then hits a half and half on Deeb. Martinez puts Deeb on the top. Martinez tries for a suplex from the top, but Deeb holds old. Martinez is able to get a dragon sleeper on the top. Deeb tries to break free with elbows. Deeb is able to escape and Martinez is in the tree of woe and nails her with kicks and then a drop kick.

Deeb locks on an octopus stretch and then moves it to the Deeb tox. That just looks so painful. Martinez is able to power out of it and takes Deeb over. They trade rollups and Martinez gets a pair of submission holds. Deeb fights her way out of it. They are seated across from each other and trade kicks. Both women drop back onto the mat.,

Deeb is able to lock Martinez’s arms, but Martinez drops to her knees. Martinez drops Deeb and then goes to the corner for a charge. Deeb avoids it and Deeb goes to the top. Martinez hits a kick on her. Martinez goes to the top with Deeb and hits the spider German suplex. Martinez climbs down and grabs Deeb and holds her from behind and hits strikes. Deeb goes deadweight to avoid the forearm. Martinez has her surfboard blocked and Deeb bites her way free.

They fight on their knees and she lifts Deeb , Deeb escapes and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Deeb then gets a spinning DDT and the serenity lock. Martinez rolls through for a two count. Deeb is able to pick Martinez’s ankle and slams her knees into the mat. Deeb puts on an ankle lock and Martinez trolls through to sent Deeb into the turnbuckle.

In the corner, Deeb gets on Martinez’s shoulder, but gets trapped on the top. Martinez hits the OG drop and covers for two. Martinez goes for the Brass City sleeper and holds it until Deeb is done.

Winner and still Champion: Marcedes Martinez (17:20)

They hug and we go to the video package for the TV championship.

ROH Television Championship
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Jay Lethal

No code of honor because Joe charges Lethal and they start fighting in the aisle. Joe head butts Lethal down and they just. Keep. Fighting. Joe finally tosses Lethal into the ring. Lethal drop kicks Joe’s knee and then hits the three dives from the ring. They KEEP brawling and Satnam Singh attacks. Lethal then rolls Joe into the ring and the ref sends Singh to the back and the bell rings.

Lethal beats down Joe in the corner. Lethal then starts attacking Joe’s wrapped arm. Joe is able to chap Lethal in the corner and then charges him in the other corner. Joe covers Lethal and Lethal gets a foot on the rope on two. They fight on the apron and Lethal gets an arm guillotine and then a drop kick into the arm for a two count.

Lethal works over Joe in the corner and Joe fights his way out. Lethal gets a drop kick on Joe. Lethal stomps on Joe’s hand and when Joe is up, he slaps Lethal down. Lethal gets an insigiri and both men are down. When they are up, Joe hits a back elbow and then leaps onto Lethal on the outside. Joe rolls him in and covers for the two. They get to their feet and after Lethal’s strikes, Joe is able to roll through and get a two count. Joe hits a brutal clothesline for a two count. Joe then slams Lethal for a two count.

Lethal is up and slaps, but Joe slaps him around. Lethal is able to get a lethal combination for a two count. Lethal tries for a figure four and Joe kicks Lethal in the face when he tries the spin. Lethal keeps working on the leg, and Joe fights his way out again. Joe is placed on the top and Lethal tries for a muscle buster and Joe fight back. Lethal gets a drop kick and then goes back up. Joe tosses Lethal off and gets a leg lariat for a two count.

Joe pulls Lethal up and then beats him down. He puts Lethal on the top and goes for the muscle buster and Lethal escapes and hits the Lethal Injection for a two count. Lethal drop kicks Joe into the corner and when he charges, Joe catches him and throws him down. Joe goes for the muscle buster again and Sonjay Dutt runs to the ring. Joe goes after him and the ref is distracted as Lethal nails Jow with the title belt and covers for two.

Lethal goes for the Lethal injection, and Joe blocks it, Lethal rolls up Joe and Joe is able to lock in the rear naked choke and Lethal taps out.

Winner and still TV Champion: Samoa Joe (12:20)

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match
FTR (c) vs. The Briscoe Brothers

All four men stare down after the bell rings.

Mark and Dax start us off. They lock up strong and neither is able to get an advantage. They disengage and lock up again. Mark goes to a headlock and then they run the ropes with Mark getting the shoulder tackle. They go into the ropes and break clean. Mark picks the leg and takes Dax down and they move to running the ropes and Dax gets the shoulder tackle this time.

Dax turns the greco roman lock into an arm lock and Cash tags in. He keeps the arm and Mark is able to reverse it. Cash turns it into a headlock and they go to the corner. Mark is able to get an arm drag and then sets up for Redneck kung fu. Dax and Jay tag in and Dax gets a headlock takeover. He rolls for a two count. Jay works his way up and they go to the ropes. Jay gets a series of shoulder tables and then a Hurricanrana. They then trade moves in rapid succession and Jay gets a two count with Dax going to the outside.

Dax is checked by the doc and he tags in Cash. Cash and Jay go head to head and have words. Cash pie faces Jay and they trade chops. Jay is tossed to the ropes and Cash hits a spear and then hits a back suplex. Jay rolls to the outside and Dax comes in to keep Mark from coming in.

Jay tags Mark and they lock up and go to the corner. Mark hits an elbow in the corner and they trade blows. Mark takes Cash to the corner and tags in Jay. Cash takes Jay to the corner and tags in Dax. Dax gets a couple of elbow drops and then tags in Cash. Cash gets a two count. Jay gets a boot and tags in Mark. Mark starts with blows. Jay gets a blind tag and they double shoulder tackle Cash. Cash rolls to the apron and Mark nails him there. They trap Cash in their corner and work him over.

Jay works over Cash in the middle of the ring with kicks and holding him down. Jay covers for a one count and then grabs a headlock to tag in Mark. Mark works him to the corner and keeps up the attack. Cash is able to finally get a spinning slam, and is able to tag in Dax, who cleans house.

Dax ends it with a small package on Mark and then follows with rolls ups and two count. Mark gets a quick rollup for a two. Dax is tossed to the Briscoes’ corner and they work him over there. Jay tries for the Jay dril;ler and Dax reverses out of it and drops Jay with a DDT for a two count. Jay recovers and slingshots Dax into the ring post. They hit the Doomsday and cover for the three.

First fall: The Briscos

Dax gets an inside cradle for a two count. Dax goes to the floor and je and Mark brawl on the floor with Mark hitting Dax with a ton of chops. Jay tosses Dax to the floor and all four men are fighting on the floor. Jay tosses Dax into the ring, and Dax’s chest is bleeding from the chops. Jay gets a head butt and tags in Mark. Mark hits a snap mare and holds a rear sleeper. Dax slowly drops to the mat. Dax then starts getting up slowly. Dax is able to turn so it’s just a headlock and Dax hits a back suplex. Dax crawls to his corner, but Jay tags in and cuts him off, knocking Cash off the apron. Dax is able to get a series of German suplex and then puts Jay on the top.

Dax goes for the tag and Cash isn’t there. Dax then goes back up the top and hits a super back suplex on Jay. Dax goes for the tag and Mark knocks Cash off the apron again. Jay takes Dax to the top in their corner, and tags in Mark. They hit redneck boogie for a two count. Mark gets in a kick and locks in a rear sleeper. Cash is back on the apron. Dax is able to get to his feet and fights his way free. They trade chops. Dax is tossed to the ropes and then slides under Mark and tags in Cash, who cleans house again.

He beats down Cash in her corner and then clotheslines Mark. Cash hits a brain buster and gets a two count. Mark is able to recover and gets Cash up for the redneck boogie, but Dax pulls Jay out of the ring. Cash is able to reverse things and hits the glory special for a two count. Jay and Dax fight into the crowd. Cash and Mark fight to the timekeeper’s table. They brawl on the outside. Mark is tossed into the ring and Cash hits a flying cross body. Jay has returned and he hits Cashwith the ring bell. Mark covers for a two count.

Jay is tagged in. Cash is busted open and Mark hits Froggie Bo and Jay gets the two count. Outside the ring, Dax flapjacks Mark into the steel stairs and then attacks Jay. Jay escapes and gets into the ring. Jay gets on his knees and nails Cash. Cash is able to escape and they hit the Big Rig for the three count.

Second fall: FTR

Mark and Cash head butt each other. They then throw forearms. Mark is busted open as well. Dax is tagged in and Mark hits an Uranagi. They go tot he apron. Dax blocks the Uranagi on the apron. They trade blows and Mark asks for more. Mark wins the encounter and Dax drops to the floor, and then hits a blockbuster on the floor.

They go to the ring and Jay is tagged in. Jay gets a thrust kick and then sets up for a Jay driller. Dax works out of it and hits a pile driver. He covers for a two. Jay sets for the doomsday device and Cash knocks Mark off the top. They try to set up for the Big Rig and instead we have a ref bump. Jay gets a Jay driller and covers for what could have been a ten count.

Both Jay and Dax get to their feet and Jay sets up again for the Doomsday Device. Cash Breaks it up and Jay is able to fight his way out, but then leaps into a Big Rig. They are able to hold it for a five, and then ref comes in and counts two.

Dax puts Jay on the top and Mark breaks up the coming move by knocking Cash off the top. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device for a two count and Chas breaks it up.

Mark and Cash are up and Mark calls for the fight. They trade jabs and chops. Cash hits a suplex into the ropes and both men rolls to the outside.

20 minutes left. Jay and Dax trade blows and then trade rollups for two count. Jay puts on the cobra clutch. Mark and Cash come in and Mark locks on his own cobra clutch. FTR hold hands so they can’t tap and they get to the ropes. Jay sets up for the Jay driller and and Cash climbs to the top to grab Mark and hits a back suplex with both of them going through the table on the floor.

Jay is able to get a Jay driller for a two count. Jay tries again, and Dax is just dead weight. Jay tries again, and Dax is able to reverse it and put Jay on the top. They trade blows as Dax goes up. Dax is knocked down and goes back up and hits a pile driver from the top. Dax collapses onto Jay and covers for the three count and the win.

Winners of the third fall and still Tag Team Champions: FTR (43:25)

Dax celebrates with the fans at ringside. They grab a mic and return to the ring. Cash asks Mark and Jay to come into the ring and get the love of the fans. They all shake hands and hug. The Briscoes leave and Dax talks about how much he loves the fans and pro wrestling.