WWE Reportedly Canceled Two Sets of NXT UK Tapings, Backstage Concerns Over Brand’s Future

WWE reportedly recently cancelled two sets of television tapings for their NXT UK brand, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s issue that his sources stated that WWE officials made the decision to cancel their scheduled sets of television tapings on August 9th due to schedule-related issues with host venue BT Sports Studios. The official reason reportedly was due to BT Sports needed to use their studio for their soccer-related coverage on the network which left WWE with no venue on hand to tape new NXT UK episodes.

Meltzer reported that the backstage reaction within NXT UK’s locker room was one of general unease over the situation. Specifically, the main concern reportedly revolved around WWE not bothering to find a new venue for their tapings and the cancellation not being seen as a good sign within the brand. In regards to future tapings, Meltzer reported that those within the brand have not been informed of any new tapings plans.

In regards to the future of BT Sports, Meltzer reported that Warner Bros Discovery is currently expected to become the new owner of the network within the near future. Meltzer reported that this very likely will not affect WWE’s current television contract with the network nor would it mean the airing of AEW programming on the network due to the terms WWE puts in their television deals. These terms reportedly include a network not being allowed to air any other wrestling promotion on the same station. One source spoken to involved in negotiating such deals confirmed that WWE insists on putting those terms in their deals.