AEW: Jim Ross on Ace Steel’s Release, Jeff Hardy DUI Arrest Update, AEW Lead Video Engineer Passes Away

Jim Ross Comments on Ace Steel’s Release from AEW & Praise of Steel’s Work in AEW

A recent episode of the Grillin JR podcast featured co-host Jim Ross giving this thoughts about AEW producer Ace Steel being released from the company earlier this week and his praise of Steel’s work during his time in the company.

“He’s a smart guy. He has a lot of product knowledge. Solid hand. I thought he did a nice job. I didn’t work with him directly a lot. I have seen him at TV and he was always friendly and approachable. I’m sorry to hear that because I thought he was a good hand and did a nice job there. Things have a way of working out, you never say never, but I always thought he did a nice job for us. He was very loyal to CM Punk, nothing wrong with that, they were buddies. I’m assuming CM Punk is the guy that got Ace Steel his job. I don’t know where all of that is going. I hate to see anybody lose a job, lose a paycheck. While he was there, he seemed to be a viable asset, but again, I didn’t work with him directly. I didn’t have any issues, pro or con, with him. The bottom line is, another guy lost his job. That’s what’s regrettable.

He’s got skills. I would think, if given a fair shake within the landscape of wrestling in general, he’ll find some work. Smart guy. I hope it works out well. I regret that anybody, anywhere in wrestling, loses their job.”

Prior to his release, Steel had been among those involved in a backstage fight incident at AEW’s All Out 2022 event this past September in Chicago, Illinois.

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Jeff Hardy DUI Arrest Update

As noted before, Jeff Hardy was arrested this past June in Volusia County, Florida following a drunk driving incident. Hardy has been out of action for AEW since that time due to his current suspension over his DUI arrest.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Hardy’s scheduled pre-trial hearing did not take place this past Wednesday based on recent court records. Johnson reported that the reason was due to Hardy’s lawyers had requested for this hearing to be pushed back to a later date, which prosecutors agreed to.

Johnson also reported that a plea agreement is currently believed to be in the works based on the motion filed by Hardy’s lawyers which stated that they “recently provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the State” and “The parties require additional time to negotiate a potential pretrial resolution.”

Johnson also reported that this pre-trial hearing was rescheduled to a new date of November 17th.

AEW Lead Video Engineer Passes Away

AEW Lead Video Engineer Brian Muster reportedly passed away this past Wednesday, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that a GoFundMe fundraiser was recently launched in support of Muster’s family, which revealed that he had passed away unexpectedly. Prior to his passing, Muster had been working in AEW’s production department since 2019.

“This morning we lost an amazing person who made the world a better place. Brian Muster passed away this morning very unexpectedly. He leaves behind his fiancee and 2 young children. Brian worked on many shows over the years; the last three years, he was an integral part of creating the look of AEW Wrestling by working as their Lead Video Engineer since its very first show. I traveled the world with Brian from Europe and Asia to the Indian Subcontinent, and he would always make you smile with his personality, smile and joy of life. I was blessed to watch him grow from a teenager just getting in the business of TV to one of the Elite Video Engineer’s in the country, and all who met Brian loved him.

He will be dearly missed and I hope you’ll find the time to say a prayer and/or make a donation of any size to this fund to provide some financial support for his family and their future.

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