WWE: Sami Zayn on Bloodline Storyline, Wade Barrett on Potential In-Ring Return, 2023 European Tour

Sami Zayn Comments on WWE’s Bloodline Storyline

Mirror Sport held a recent interview with Sami Zayn. One of the topics discussed included his thoughts about WWE’s on-going storyline with The Bloodline and him being “past the point” of trying to predict the end game for it.

“This is one of the more filled-out, long-term stories I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s long, even by WWE standards. Usually we might do two or three month stories, but I’ve been aligned with The Bloodline in some respects since April and we’re still only kind of scratching the surface as to where this is going to go. The initial idea was just to have some on-screen interactions every now and again because it made sense as the self-proclaimed locker room leader, I should have a good rapport with the Head of the Table. So we were kind of cooking up that idea. On some level, I knew that when you add the lightness that my character brings to kind of the seriousness and the star power that they bring, that it was gonna light the whole thing up. That was the goal. But one of the things I’m realizing is with live audiences, these stories tend to take a life of their own, and you kind of don’t know where they’re going to go and that’s actually what’s exciting about it. I see all the fans trying to predict it and they don’t know and in a way, I don’t know because the reactions start taking it in different directions. For example, the dynamic between Jey and myself? I don’t know that it was ever meant to be like this but now you’re starting to get people guessing what’s Jey going to do and where is it going for him. I’m past the point of trying to predict what the end game is. But I think at this point, we have such a level of investment that whatever happens, I think fans are going to just be there along for the ride. It’s been really a lot of fun and seeing how much the fans have been loving it has been really rewarding.”

Wade Barrett Comments on Potential In-Ring Return in WWE & NXT to SmackDown Commentary Booth Move

A recent episode of the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast had Wade Barrett as the guest. One of the topics discussed included his thoughts on a potential in-ring return in WWE.

“I’ve never ruled out getting back in the ring one day. I won’t say it’s high on my list of priorities, I don’t think I can physically do the full-time grind anymore, more mentally than physically. I’m still in very good shape and keep myself fit, but the mental grind of doing that job full-time for who knows how long would be very difficult for me at this point. I just have other avenues and things I enjoy doing, most obviously the commentary side, which I wouldn’t want to give up. Walking down to that ring and hearing people yelling ‘Boom’ to me, it does start to make you think, ‘Maybe I have a little left in the tank.’ Then, that was my first night back, in the main event was GUNTHER against Sheamus and I’m seeing these two, for three segments, beat the hell out of each other. I’m seeing the bruising and I’m like, ‘two hours ago, I felt like I wanted to get back, maybe. Now, I’m watching these two. Hell no.’ I know that if I come back, they aren’t putting me with the light guys. They’re putting me in there with Sheamus, GUNTHER, Drew (McIntyre) and I’m getting my ass whooped every week. The commentary desk is a lot safer, I’ll stay here for a bit.”

Barrett also gave his thoughts on if he has ever been approached over the idea of being a surprise entrant for a Royal Rumble match since his return to WWE.

“Nothing at all. I was quite adamant when I came back and signed my original deal that I didn’t want to be taking bumps or doing anything other than the commentary. I think if I pulled somebody aside and said to Triple H or Shawn Michaels or whomever, ‘I would be interested in doing that,’ I think they would be receptive to hearing me out. It’s not something I’ve done, it’s not something they’ve approached me with. I’m quite happy with that for now.”

Barrett also gave his thoughts about his recent move from NXT to SmackDown’s commentary booth.

“I probably found out maybe three or four days before I took the first trip over. It was very much a last minute decision. Pat McAfee is off for two or three months doing his college football stuff. Initially, they had Corey Graves stepping in and filling the seat, but I think Corey had a a lot on his plate, he does a hell of a lot for WWE with all the pay-per-views, Raw, his podcast. Maybe somebody needed to pick up a little slack on behalf of Corey and that’s when they gave me the call and asked me to step in there.

My history in the entertainment sphere in general, but especially WWE, you always have to be ready to pivot. I love NXT. I hope to be back there sooner or later in some capacity, hopefully commentating, but you always have to be ready to pivot in this game. Things change fast, as we’ve seen, the past 18 months in WWE have been absolutely insane for all of us and you always have to be ready. I love NXT, I thought that was going to be my future for the foreseeable, but you get that call, you have to be ready to jump and it’s been that way since I was in the developmental system. You can never be too comfortable in any position and you always have to be ready to jump as soon as that call comes.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com 1 & 2

WWE Announces Next European Tour for April 2023

WWE recently announced that they will be holding their next tour of the United Kingdom and Europe in April of 2023.

It was announced that this upcoming four-city tour will be taking place from April 26-29, 2023 and will be held in England, Northern Ireland, and France.

Official press release:

WWE Live returns to the U.K., Northern Ireland and France in April 2023

STAMFORD, Conn., October 25, 2022 – WWE Live will return to Birmingham (UK) on Wednesday, April 26, Manchester (UK) on Thursday, April 27, Belfast (Northern Ireland) on Friday, April 28 and Paris (France) on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Fans attending WWE Livewill see their favorite WWE Superstars in action including Bobby Lashley, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Bianca Belair, Matt Riddle, Bayley, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Finn Bálor and many more*. Tickets for WWE Live are available at the following links:

WWE Live – Birmingham, UK – Utilita Arena (Wednesday, April 26, 2023)

Presale available now

General sale available this Friday, October 28 at 9am BST


WWE Live – Manchester, UK – AO Arena (Thursday, April 27, 2023)

Presale available now

General sale available this Friday, October 28 at 9am BST


WWE Live – Belfast, Northern Ireland – SSE Arena (Friday, April 28, 2023)

Presale available now

General sale available this Friday, October 28 at 9am BST


WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event – Paris, France – Accor Arena (Saturday, April 29, 2023)

Presale available now

General sale available this Friday, October 28 at 10am CEST


*Talent subject to change.