More on Sasha Banks’ Deal with NJPW & WWE Exit Negotiated

As noted before, Sasha Banks is currently expected to make an appearance for New Japan Pro Wrestling at their Wrestle Kingdom 17 event next month in Tokyo, Japan.

Fightful Select reported that their sources confirmed that Banks had negotiated an exit from her contract with WWE “months ago.” It was also reported that WWE has yet to officially confirm that Banks will be leaving the company and still have her listed on their roster page on their official website.

It was reported that Banks will be able to take wrestling-related bookings starting on January 1, 2023. Several wrestling-related conventions reportedly had considered the idea of rebranding themselves as “entertainment” conventions as a potential way to get around Banks’ contractual restriction with WWE over her only being allowed to take non-wrestling bookings for the rest of this year.

In regards to Banks’ deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, it was reported that their sources stated that a deal between the two sides had been agreed upon this past November. Those close to the situation reportedly stated that they have not heard of anything related to the potential of Banks working for AEW but also stated that it does not mean that it would not be happening.