New Vince McMahon Docuseries for Netflix Still in Production

As noted before, Netflix is currently believed to still be working on an upcoming new wrestling-based documentary series based on Vince McMahon. The status of this upcoming new series had been in doubt following the sexual misconduct allegations against McMahon that led to his departure from WWE from this past July until this past December.

A recent episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast featured host Bill Simmons revealing that he is still currently working on this upcoming new series based on McMahon for Netflix. Simmons also gave his thoughts about WWE’s product has improved since McMahon’s departure at the time and him giving up creative control.

“Vince hasn’t really spoken publicly about all the allegation and the NDAs that he signed, and all that stuff, we haven’t heard him talk about it. He can say, ‘I took a break.’ We probably won’t (hear him talk about it). That’s why I feel like he’s coming back to sell it and then he’s out. He probably just wants to cash in. I think it really probably did bother him though that things were going so well without him. Think about that, he’s had this thing…I’m working on this massive docuseries right now about him, which is, obviously that keeps evolving.

This guy has been doing this since 1976. This is his. This was a local promotion that he blew up into a whole thing. I think he honestly kind of lost it, that it was doing well without him. You have something for five decades and then, ‘Oh, it’s gonna fall apart now.’ No, actually, it’s not gonna fall apart. It’s doing better.”