WWE Reportedly Pitched Idea for Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 39 Match

As noted before, WWE has been considering plans for a potential match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Roman Reigns at this April’s WrestleMania 39 event in Inglewood, California.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources stated that WWE’s offer to Austin was not for a potential match against Reigns but instead against Brock Lesnar at the event.

Meltzer reported that WWE officials had held talks over the course of several months regarding this potential idea but they currently do not have any plans to proceed with this match for the event.

In regards to the rumors of a potential match between Lesnar and Gunther, Meltzer reported that his sources denied WWE officials ever having that as a potential idea but they did have talks about a secret opponent for Lesnar, which was later revealed to be Austin.