More on MJF Fan Incident at AEW Revolution 2023

As noted before, MJF was involved in an incident with a young fan in the crowd during Sunday’s AEW Revolution 2023 event in San Francisco, California. This incident took place during the 60 Minute Iron Man match for the AEW World Championship between MJF and Bryan Danielson and revolved around MJF taking a drink from a woman and tossing it onto a child that was sitting next to her.

It was later discovered that this fan was not a plant and instead was legit upset over MJF’s actions. AEW officials quickly attended to the fan to smooth out the issues while AEW CEO Tony Khan stated during the post-show media scrum that he had a backstage talk with MJF after the match over the incident.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that their sources provided an update on the incident.

Alvarez reported that the drink MJF tossed was not water and instead was tequila, which MJF very likely was not aware of. Some of the tequila reportedly got into the child’s eyes causing his upset reaction.

Alvarez stated that fans nearby noticed that the child was very upset and started to give some of their AEW merchandise to help soothe the child. AEW’s Amanda Huber reportedly brought the child backstage and gave him signed merchandise to help the child feel better after what took place.

AEW officials reportedly also gave free tickets to the child and his mother for AEW’s next show in Sacramento as an apology.