WWE SmackDown Results – March 10, 2023 – #1 Contender Fatal Five-Way Match

March 10, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA – Bell Centre
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results via Dave Bath of F4WOnline.com

Quick Match Results

  1. #1 Contender Fatal Five-Way match for Intercontinental Championship – Drew McIntyre and Sheamus defeated Xavier Woods, Karrion Kross, and LA Knight via Double Pin (pinfall)
  2. Judgement Day defeated Legado Del Fantasma via Roll-up (pinfall)
  3. Viking Raiders defeated Ricochet & Braun Strowman via Top Rope Splash (pinfall)
  4. Charlotte Flair defeated Shotzi via Figure Eight (submission)

Backstage: Paul Heyman, The Usos

Paul Heyman greeted The Usos as they arrived in the parking lot. Jey asked for the tribal chief. Heyman ignored the question, gave him a giant hug, and told Jey he was proud of him. Jey told Heyman to let Roman Reigns know he’s there. 

Kayla Braxton approached and wondered why he turned on Zayn. Jey’s going to address all of that later tonight. Jimmy told her to ask Cody Rhodes why he’s getting involved in the Bloodline’s business. 

#1 Contender’s Fatal Five-way Match for Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus vs. LA Knight vs. Xavier Woods vs. Karrion Kross

They did a controversial finish, with McIntyre and Sheamus scoring pins simultaneously. They built the match around Sheamus and McIntyre in a fun opener. Everyone worked hard, although it was all about McIntyre and Sheamus. 

After clearing the ring, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus went face-to-face briefly. As they argued, LA Knight and Karrion Kross jumped them from behind as they went to a break. 

Kross and Knight worked together to isolate Woods. Sheamus pulled Knight out of the ring, but Kross came to his rescue. They worked together to take out McIntyre and Sheamus at ringside. 

McIntyre fired up and took on the heels. Knight and Kross took out McIntyre again. That allowed Sheamus to catch them off guard with a flying crossbody. Kross caught Sheamus in a half-crab as Knight hit a neck breaker on McIntyre. 

Kross broke up Knight’s pin attempt, ending their alliance. Knight and Kross turned on each other. That opened the door for Woods to run wild. He hit the flying elbow on Knight, but everyone broke up the pin attempt. 

As they cut to a commercial, Gunther and Imperium walked out on the stage to get a closer look. 

Kross caught McIntyre in the tree of woe and climbed to the top rope. As Knight leaped up and hit a superplex on Kross, McIntyre caught Knight with a German suplex. McIntyre was firmly in control, but Knight quickly took over. Sheamus recovered and hit a slam on Knight. He hit the ten beats of bodhran on Woods, Kross, and Knight. 

Sheamus went for the Brogue kick on Knight, but McIntyre cut him off. They did a controversial finish. Sheamus hit the Brogue on Woods, and McIntyre caught Knight with the Claymore. They did a double-pin finish, with the two referees raising Sheamus and McIntyre’s hands.

Winner: Drew McIntrye and Shemaus via Pinfall.

The fans broke into a “triple threat” chant.

Backstage: Paul Heyman

Kayla Braxton spoke with Paul Heyman. She wanted insight into Jey Uso’s decision to turn on Sami Zayn. Heyman wasn’t listening because he was thinking about Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was the only person he wanted to avoid standing across from Roman Reigns in the ring. Heyman discussed the different ways The Bloodline deals with a new challenger for Reign’s title. They do it like gangsters, playing mind games until the opponent is beaten before the match. Other times The Bloodline tells the truth. 

They’re going to make Rhodes confront the truth and his past. The truth will put so much emotional baggage on Rhodes that he’ll be a beaten man before WrestleMania. After Rhodes loses at WrestleMania, he has to pick the time and place to truthfully acknowledge the tribal chief, Roman Reigns.

Backstage: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Brawling Brutes

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus argued about the double-pin finish and who should challenge Gunther at WrestleMania. Butch and Ridge Holland dragged Sheamus away.

Video: WWE Hall of Fame 2023 Announcement

They announced Rey Mysterio as the first inductee in the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame class. After a video package, they introduced Mysterio to the live crowd.

In-Ring: Rey Mysterio, Judgement Day, Legado Del Fantasma

The fans broke into a loud “You Deserve it” chant. Before Mysterio could speak, Dominik Mysterio and Judgement Day interrupted. Dominik couldn’t believe the WWE was inducting Rey. He mentioned all the birthdays and holidays that Rey missed to make his Hall of Fame career. Dominik noted Rhea Ripley’s right; he’s ashamed to be Rey’s son. 

Legado Del Fantasma’s music hit, and they came to ringside. Santos Escobar was furious at Dominik’s disrespect. Rey might let things go, but Escobar doesn’t. They have a match later, but Legado Del Fantasma wants to fight right now.

Judgement Day (Finn Balor, Damien Priest, & Dominik Mysterio) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, & Cruz Del Toro)

They worked at a fast pace in a really good six-man tag team match. The post-match angle with Dominik and Rey was excellent. Dominik ruining Rey’s Hall of Fame induction got a ton of heat. 

Judgment Day was firmly in control as they isolated Del Toro on their side of the ring. The faces recovered and worked together to cut Balor off from his corner. Priest rocked Wilde with a boot to regain control. The heels beat down Wilde on their side of the ring and knocked Escobar and Del Toro off the apron. 

Back from the break, Escobar ran wild on Judgement Day. Wilde avoided Priest and caught him with a dropkick. Escobar and Del Toro hit double suicide dives onto Balor and Priest. Vega tried to get involved, but Ripley blocked a hurricanrana. Ripley threw Vega onto Escobar and Wilde. Rey got in Ripley’s face. Dominik took advantage and caught Rey with a sliding dropkick. Del Toro had Dominik beat when Priest hit him from behind, allowing Dominik to score the win.

Winner: Judgement Day via Pinfall.

After the match, Dominik wanted to address his father, so he asked Judgement Day to leave the ring. Dominik still can’t believe that the WWE is inducting Rey into the Hall of Fame. The only Hall of Fame Rey belongs in is for deadbeat dads. 

Dominik added that he should have been Eddie Guerrero’s son. Rey told him to take that back. Dominik demanded he hit him. Rey refused. Dominik charged at Rey but moved, and Dominik fell out of the ring. Rey won’t fight Dominik. Dominik kept yelling that Rey would fight him. Great angle.

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Charlotte Flair

Charlotte approached Adam Pearce in his office. She requested a match tonight since it’s WrestleMania season. Pearce promised to find her an opponent.

Ricochet & Braun Strowman vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

Ricochet & Strowman vs. The Viking Raiders started slowly but picked up towards the end, turning into a fun match. Cole claimed Valhalla put Ricochet in a trance at the finish. 

Ricochet avoided a splash from Ivar, allowing Braun Strowman to send Ivar and Erik to ringside. Strowman then launched Ricochet onto the Raiders as they cut to a break. 

The Viking Raiders were firmly in control as they isolated Ricochet. Ricochet lost a slugfest with Erik, who knocked him out. Erik got in Strowman’s face. With Ivar’s help, Erik knocked Strowman off the apron. Ivar then hit a running crossbody splash against the barricade on Strowman. 

Erik and Ricochet went back and forth trading pin attempts. Ricochet knocked Ivar off the apron, allowing Erik to hit a sit-out powerbomb for near fall. Ricochet fought back, and Strowman got the hot tag. He ran wild on the Raiders, sending them to ringside. 

Strowman tagged Ricochet and ran over Ivar at ringside. He went to shoulder tackle Erik, but Valhalla pushed Erik out of the way. Strowman crashed into the announce table. Valhalla caused a distraction. Ricochet missed the 450, allowing Ivar to hit a spinning heel kick. He followed up with a flying splash for the win.

Winner: Viking Raiders via Pinfall.

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Imperium

Imperium spoke with Adam Pearce. Gunther noted there should only be one challenger for his title. Pearce agreed and announced Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus, with the winner challenging Gunther at WrestleMania 39.

Charlotte Flair vs. Shotzi

Flair and Shotzi had a solid match that dragged until the finish. 

Flair and Shotzi shook hands and bumped fists before they locked up. Flair took out Shotzi with a shoulder tackle. Shotzi briefly fought back, but Flair rocked her with a big boot. Flair went for the figure four leglock, but Rhea Ripley’s music hit. Ripley walked out and caused a distraction, allowing Shotzi to use a small package for a near fall. 

Back from the break, Ripley watched the match from ringside. Shotzi gained control with a top rope hurricanrana. Flair rocked Shotzi with a series of chops. She followed with a fall-away slam and spear. Flair then locked on the figure eight for the win. 

Winner: Charlotte Flair via Submission.

After the match, Flair called Ripley “kid” and wanted to know what was on her mind. Ripley promised to take the one thing that’s important to Flair. She vowed to win the title at WrestleMania. The crowd gave her the “What” chant, but she did a good job ignoring them. 

Flair responded that she will outwork anyone, male or female, because she takes the business seriously. Flair noted that Ripley could tear anyone apart except for her.

In-Ring: The Usos, Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes

A good show closing angle with a ton of heat. It was another layer in The Bloodline’s feud with Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn.

They recapped Jey Uso returning and super-kicking Sami Zayn on Monday’s Raw. The Usos beat down Zayn until Cody Rhodes made the save. 

The Usos entered the ring to a mixed reaction. Jey began addressing the big question of the week when the fans broke into a loud “Sami” chant. Everyone keeps asking why he betrayed Sami Zayn. Jey talked about helping out family members when they have tough times. Jey turned on Zayn because he had to. Jimmy’s his brother, and he has to look out for him. The fans broke into a brief “Sami’s family” chant. 

Jey blamed The Bloodline’s problems on Zayn. Jimmy took the mic and claimed they solved the Sami Zayn problem. Now they need to deal with the Cody Rhodes problem. 

Cody Rhodes’s music hit to a big pop. Rhodes walked out and noted he kept hearing his name. The fans broke into a “Cody” chant. He added that fans don’t want to listen to them talk. The fans want to see them fight. Jimmy promised to injure Rhodes like they did to Zayn. 

Rhodes started taking off his jacket when Zayn jumped into the ring. He tackled Jey, and a brawl broke out. Rhodes and Zayn fought The Usos all around ringside and back into the ring. Rhodes and Zayn cleared the ring and celebrated. Rhodes raised Zayn’s hand as officials held back The Usos.